Landshare’s Tokenized Asset offerings will be conducted via the Landshare Tokenized Asset dashboard. The Landshare Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. This article is designed to walk potential investors through the process of sign up, KYC, and Token purchase.

Register your Account

The first step…

The Landshare Token sits at the heart of the Landshare platform. All features utilize the token either as a payment method or means of access. Part of the long term success of any token relies on controlling supply and limiting circulation. …

Our updated roadmap is here! As we continue to develop our upcoming features and expand our partnerships throughout the BSC ecosystem, we wanted to provide the community with a quick summary of where we’re headed next.

November 2021

Tokenized Asset Sale

  • The first ever Tokenized Real Estate Asset sale conducted on Binance Smart Chain will…

Calling all YouTubers, influencers, content creators, and Landshare community members! The Landshare Team is looking to reward your talents with LAND Token grants from our Governance Protocol.

How it works

Create a video, meme or informative content piece promoting the Landshare platform, post it on Twitter, and make sure to mention @landshareio in…


Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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