Landshare 2021: A Year in Review

6 min readJan 2, 2022


Landshare began in early 2021 with the goal of bringing real estate to the blockchain. Since then, we’ve sold out 3 presales, launched our token, and conducted the first ever tokenized real estate offering on the Binance Smart Chain. Along the way, we’ve built an amazing community, landed partnerships with some of DeFi’s top protocols, and brought our blockchain real estate vision to life.

As 2021 ends and we prepare to enter a brand-new year, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our journey so far and discuss what’s next for the Landshare platform.

The Beginning of Landshare

All projects, no matter how big or small, start off as nothing more than an idea. At Landshare, we saw the potential of DeFi and viewed it as a new paradigm in global finance for the modern world. We also understood that in order to grow and mature, DeFi needed to offer real-world use cases and long-term solutions rather than get-rich-quick schemes. Real estate is widely considered one of the most reliable and lucrative forms of investment, so it was the obvious candidate for a DeFi implementation.

Provided the goal of combining real estate and DeFi, it wasn’t enough to simply offer real estate backed tokens or asset investment on-chain. Smart Contract technology opens up a world of utilities to existing tokens — staking, governance, loans, ETFs, NFTs, auto-compounding, etc — so to truly bring real estate to the blockchain, these features needed be available for asset-backed tokens as well. This is where we wanted to set ourselves apart.

During the early stages of development, the Binance Smart Chain was proving to be the platform of choice for many investors due to its low gas fees, fast transaction times, and established ecosystem of DeFi projects. With the notable absence of any real estate-based projects, it soon became clear that BSC was a perfect match for Landshare and what the goals of the project were.

When the decision was made to go forward with the idea on BSC, it was quickly met with a great deal of support and interest from both investors and existing projects in the ecosystem. After 3 successful fundraising rounds, including IDOs with Seedify and SuperLauncher that sold out in a matter of minutes, Landshare launched on August 2nd, 2021.

Establishing Partnerships

At its core, DeFi is a network of different projects and protocols operating together as a single unit. With that in mind, partnerships and collaborations represent the lifeblood of any project — and Landshare is no exception. One of our first goals post-launch was to begin reaching out and establishing these vital connections.

Throughout the year, we worked with some of the top projects on BSC to bring additional value, exposure, and utility to our platform. Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the most notable collaborations:

  • Apeswap: LAND whitelisting, LAND-BNB Farm, Reddit AMA
  • Pancakeswap: LAND-BNB Farm
  • Beefy Finance: LAND-BNB Auto compounding vault, Telegram AMA
  • Black Eye Galaxy: Landshare Star Alliance NFT
  • Coin Market Cap: Promotional airdrop
  • Coin98 Wallet: LAND whitelisting and trading event
  • ONTO Wallet: LAND whitelisting and trading event
  • 1inch Network: LAND whitelisting
  • BiShares: LAND ETFs
  • CEX Listing and live AMA
  • OpenDAO: USDO Minter
  • Stobox: Tokenized Asset Dashboard
  • Seedify Fund: IDO #1 and live AMA
  • Superlauncher: IDO #2, LAND-BNB SuperFarm
  • WalletNow: Track LAND LP and farming metrics
  • & Many others!

Landshare wouldn’t be what it is without the help of all of our great partners and collaborators. As we move into 2022, we are excited to see what new partnership opportunities arise. We are always looking to expand our network!

Tokenized Real Estate on BSC

At the heart of Landshare is the ability to invest directly in real estate assets from the blockchain. On November 30th, we made this a reality by launching the first tokenized asset sale ever held on the Binance Smart Chain. Investors can now purchase tokenized shares of real-world assets without ever leaving the blockchain.

Tokenization is one of the most exciting use cases for blockchain technology, turning real estate into a liquid asset and allowing for seamless global investment without the hassle of traditional financial offerings. As cryptocurrency matures, more and more investors will look toward long-term investment opportunities backed by real assets. Tokenization fills this need by creating tokens fully collateralized by an underlying physical asset.

For more details on real estate tokenization, check out our Asset Tokenization Overview video.

Media Coverage

Interest in blockchain real estate is growing, and Landshare was covered in several media outlets throughout the course of 2021. Most notably, we were featured on the Binance Smart Chain Spotlight page, which included a Tweet directly from the official BSC Twitter page. Our press releases have also been published on a number of mainstream media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Global Newswire. Notable coverage included:

Our CEO Jordan Friske also had the chance to sit down with Stobox and for a live video AMA where they discussed the future of Landshare and real estate tokenization as a whole. The AMA peaked at nearly 8,000 live viewers and can be seen here. You can also find his podcast interview with BSC News from October here.

What’s Next?

While we take a moment to recap everything that happened in 2021, it’s important to focus on what lies ahead. We have a nice lineup of new features coming to Landshare in the first two quarters of 2022, so let’s briefly touch on what’s ahead.

Utility NFTs

Investors in the tokenized asset will not only have a stake in tangible US real estate that generates monthly rental yields and property appreciation, but also be able to earn additional LAND yields with their NFT. The NFT is the center of our upcoming feature where users will earn additional LAND via playing.

The idea ties into our continuing effort to bridge real estate and blockchain together. With a single investment, you can earn yields from both the real world asset and its virtual counterpart. Users will use their house NFT to generate and manage new resources, build upgrades, and earn an increasingly large LAND Staking multiplier while progressively updating their virtual properties.

Our utility NFT feature is still in development, and more details will be announced soon. This feature is expected to launch Q1-Q2 2022, but a final release window will be provided on official announcement.

Asset Token Loans

The asset token loan protocol will allow Asset Token holders to borrow BUSD against the value of their Asset Tokens, freeing capital without the need to sell their tokenized property investments. This feature is expected to launch early Q1 2022. More information can be seen on our DeFi Features Medium article.

Auto-compounding for Tokenized Assets

Auto-compounding for tokenized assets allows users to automatically reinvest their rental income into more Asset Tokens, increasing yields and real estate exposure over time. This feature will be available early Q1 2022. More details are available on our DeFi Features Medium Article.

Asset Token Funds

A fund provides exposure to a number of assets with a single investment — spreading risk between multiple assets and simplifying the decision-making process. Rather than buying a number of different tokenized properties, our Asset Token Funds enable users to gain exposure and rental income from multiple properties in a single investment. This feature is expected Q2 2022. More details are available on our DeFi Features Medium Article.

Crowdfunded House Flipping

Crowdfunded House Flipping will allow users to invest in a house flipping project, receiving a lump sum payout upon the conclusion of the sale. Crowdfunded House Flipping will work similarly to Tokenized Assets, where your investment is represented by a token. Instead of holding tokens for rental income, house flipping tokens are cashed out at the end of the flip. This feature is expected to launch Q2 2022.


Thank you to our community, partners, and collaborators for helping make an explosive year. 2021 was a memorable year for Landshare that was filled with many milestones and updates, but it was only the beginning. Together we will march into 2022 and welcome in an even bigger and better year for Landshare. Happy New Year!




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