Landshare App Preview

The Landshare app and token will be launching early Q3 2021. This article provides an overview of the features that will be available at launch, including the Property Vault and Landshare Token staking. The Landshare contracts are currently pending audit, and the full report will be released before launch.

Landshare App


The Landshare platform will be launching Q3 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain. The app allows investors to stake BUSD stablecoins in the Property Vault to earn and harvest rewards in real time, as well as stake LAND tokens to earn rewards from our daily buyback mechanic.

The app supports the Metamask browser extension for use on PCs, and supports all major mobile wallets via the Wallet Connect platform. The Landshare team recommends Metamask or Trust Wallet via Wallet Connect to use the app.

Property Vault

The Property Vault enables investors to stake BUSD to earn yields farming rewards from in the form of both LAND and BUSD returns.

The Property Vault’s capacity is based on the estimated value of our market data reference property. For testing purposes, this number is currently set to $500,000 USD. Rewards accumulate in real time and can be harvested at any time. There is no fee to deposit, withdraw, or harvest from the Property Vault.

The APR is based on a combination of the BUSD and LAND Token returns. For testing, this number is currently set to 20%. When the platform goes live, this number will vary based on market conditions and the price of the LAND token. We aim to keep the APR between 30–50%.

NOTE: Use of the Property Vault does not constitute a legal investment in any properties and stakers are not liable for damage, insurance, vacancies, or depreciation. All properties are held privately and separately from the platform. Yields earned are dependent on real estate market data calculated and distributed by smart contracts and not the direct management of the properties.

Landshare Token Staking

The Landshare Token Staking feature allows users to stake their LAND tokens in order to earn returns from our daily buyback feature.

Each day, our smart contract buys back a number of tokens based on 25% of Property Vault TVL annually and distributes them to LAND token stakers. The APR for token stakers will vary based on factors such as number of tokens staked, Property Vault TVL, token price, and number of new stakers. For testing purposes, the number has been set to 50%.

Each deposit of LAND tokens incurs a 1% fee, all of which will be added to the reward distribution pool. Rewards accrued are distributed upon withdrawal from the staking contract.

In the future, tokens staked will count as votes in our Governance Protocol and grant access to our Crowdfunded House Flipping feature. These features are set to launch Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 respectively.

Summary and Upcoming Features

Staking BUSD in the Property Vault returns yields in both BUSD and LAND tokens, generating highly competitive yields on stablecoin investments. LAND tokens earned from the vault can then be staked for additional rewards and access to special features.

The Landshare team will continue to expand the platform after launch, with features such as Governance protocol, Crowdfunded House Flipping and charity token lock pools. More information on these features can be found in our whitepaper at and on our Medium page. Please stay tuned for updates coming very soon, including a website redesign and presale 2 dates.

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