Landshare Developer Update — February 21st, 2022

Welcome to the latest Landshare Development Update! In this installment, we will be providing our community with a look at the marketing campaigns we will be launching over the next few weeks, an overview of our overall marketing strategy, and our vision for Landshare going forward.

Upcoming Campaigns

As we approach the release of our NFT feature, we will be running three week-long marketing campaigns culminating in the launch event! This will be a great opportunity to expose new users to the unique combination of real estate, DeFi, and NFTs we have created with the Landshare platform.

Week 1: 02/21/2022–02/28/2022

Burn week! Every tweet from our official Twitter page will be included in a special burn week event! The rules are simple — if the tweet has #BurnWeek, all RTs will contribute to the burn pool. Each retweet will burn 1 LAND.

For this campaign, we have prepared several infographics to show the massive potential of real estate and Asset Tokenization. The goal is to get as many people as possible to see the potential of this technology! Let’s spread awareness of the Landshare platform together and burn some LAND while we’re at it.

Week 2: 03/01/2022–03/08/2022

Content Creator Appreciation week! Back by popular demand we will be running another Content Creator Appreciation Week. The team loves to see our community supporting Landshare, whether on Twitter, Youtube, or any other platform. Big or small, all are equally qualified to win. Flex your creative muscles and earn some great LAND Rewards! Please see the rules and structure for our appreciation week here.

Week 3: March (TBD)

It’s all about NFTs week! During this week, we will launch our NFT platform which allows asset holders to boost yields on their asset tokens by as much as 30% annually! Be on the lookout for our new feature to hit several crypto media outlets. It’s a time for celebration, and we want you to be just as excited.

On top of the regular rewards given with the NFT feature, we will be holding a property upgrade competition, with additional prizing being awarded to those who perform the most upgrades on their NFTs. More details on the NFT feature and the upgrade competition will be shared soon, so stay tuned for updates. To read an overview of the feature, check out our NFT Medium Article.

Our Marketing Approach

While events are a great way to improve community engagement through word of mouth, we understand that many of our community members would like to get specifics on the overall marketing approach from the team.

Landshare runs ads on all major social media platforms. Through our analytics, we can determine the platforms that drive the most traffic and target our campaigns accordingly. Along with our ads on social media, we run ads via Google and across hundreds of other crypto related websites. Look out for Landshare’s banner ads on some of the sites below:

& Hundreds more

An example of where you can see our advertisements

While not all inclusive, this list provides a glimpse of some of the sites where you may find advertisements for Landshare. We are always looking for feedback from the community, so if there is a site you do not see here that you think would provide good exposure, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Weekly Telegram AMAs

The Landshare team will also be planning on doing a short live AMA hosted on our Telegram weekly per community request. Confirmed dates and times will be announced later and we will give the community a heads-up reminder 1 day prior to going live. Here you can discuss your questions or share your suggestions with the team in a live, interactive discussion. Questions can also be submitted beforehand so if you cannot attend the AMA, your question can still be addressed. Of course, we will continue to post Youtube AMAs as well, with the next one expected after the NFT launch.

Market Conditions

One of the largest issues all projects face is current market conditions, both in crypto and traditional finance. A lot of markets, stocks, and coins are in an uncertain time as some are fearful of the presumed bear market we may enter. This can create a barrier to new investors entering projects, even ones they find promising. That all is to say, the impact marketing will have in a bull market is tremendously more significant than in a bear market. For example, let’s look at some ad data:

Bear Market
Bull Market

Nearly quadruple the amount of interest and clicks are generated in a bullish market compared to a bearish market. This indicates that investors who would normally enter new projects are no longer doing so until they feel the bull market has returned.

In times like these, it is important to adjust our marketing strategy while also managing expectations. In the crypto market, virtually all projects follow the trends set by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top market cap coins. While there are some things we cannot control, we believe our project is uniquely positioned to withstand bear markets.

Capitalizing on the bear market

One of the greatest advantages of being a real estate project is that we can offer crypto investors a safe haven from market uncertainty through yield generating, real world assets. Asset Tokens are isolated from financial markets because their value is based on real world assets. In this way, Asset Tokens can serve as a yield generating alternative to stablecoins. We believe this is one of the greatest advantages of Landshare and will be focusing our platform development and strategy towards capitalizing on this.

The first part of this strategy is increasing the liquidity of Asset Tokens and making them suitable replacements for stablecoins. We intend to achieve this by listing Asset Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges, increasing liquidity and creating a secondary market. The second part is increasing the utility of Asset Tokens, which will be achieved through features like NFTs and Loans.

We also see massive potential in Tokenized Real Estate for non-crypto investors in the Fintech space. Many of these individuals are not actively holding or utilizing cryptocurrencies, so the need to have stablecoins and a wallet creates a barrier to entry. We intend to solve this by offering users the ability to purchase Asset Tokens with a bank or debit card and hold them in an internal wallet, which allows us to market our platform outside of the crypto space.

Join the Landshare Team!

Want to join the Landshare team? The Landshare team is looking for foreign language ambassadors, content creators, and community managers for our Telegram chat. If you feel like you would be a good fit and are interested in joining the Landshare team you can submit your applications here.

What’s Next?

In the next update, we will provide more information on our plans to improve Asset Token utilization and liquidity, expand to non-crypto users, and upcoming features like Asset Token Loans. As always, the team will continue to provide updates as they come and is open to any questions users may have. You can check out our Telegram link below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Medium, and Youtube for all the latest updates!

Landshare offers fractional real estate investment on the blockchain, enabling hassle-free investment for as little as $50. You can find out more about the Landshare platform at and view our current offering at

Find us on:

Twitter | Medium | Youtube | Telegram




Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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