Landshare Development Update — December 6, 2021

Landshare has had a busy week! The first-ever tokenized asset sale on BSC is currently underway, and we secured our first CEX listing for the LAND Token. Let’s cover what we’ve done recently, and what’s coming next for Landshare.

Tokenized Asset Sale

The first ever tokenized real estate sale on the Binance Smart Chain is now live! Investors can own a fraction of a real estate asset in the form of a special security called an Asset Token for as little as $50. Each token represents an ownership share of a real estate asset. This means the token’s value appreciates with the value of the asset, and monthly rental income is distributed to holders.

If you are unfamiliar with asset tokenization and our tokenization model, be sure to reference our Tokenized Asset Youtube video.

To view the property being sold, check out Click “View on Dashboard” on the property details page to sign up for our Tokenized Asset Dashboard which will allow you to purchase Asset Tokens. If you need assistance using the dashboard, check out our Dashboard Walkthrough Medium article.

CEX Listing

The Landshare Token was listed on December 4th! is a top ten exchange according to both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. With over $1 billion in daily volume and over 1 million weekly users, will expose the Landshare platform to millions of new users.

The need to download a wallet, switch to the proper chain and deal with token addresses creates a barrier of entry for individuals who would otherwise be interested in getting involved with Landshare. Listing on a centralized exchange will greatly expand access to LAND for users who may not be familiar with Decentralized Exchanges or who don’t use the Binance Smart Chain.

As we have indicated in our Q4-Q2 Roadmap, we intend to list the Landshare Token on additional exchanges. The boost in trading volume from this listing will allow us to move forward with increasingly prominent exchanges in the future.

What’s Next?

As we move toward the end of the year, we look forward to several new features in Q1 2022 and beyond. Let’s look ahead to the features users can expect in the near future.

Asset Token Loans

With DeFi, tokens can be leveraged, staked, auto-compounded, loaned, and borrowed. What separates Landshare from other blockchain real estate options is our desire to offer these features in the context of tokenized real estate. To that end, Asset Token Loans will be the first of our Tokenized Asset DeFi Features.

Asset Token Loans will allow users to borrow BUSD against the value of their Asset Tokens, enabling the ability to raise capital without the need to exit the investment.

This feature will work similarly to loan protocols such as Venus. Users can provide Asset Tokens as collateral and receive up to 60% of the Asset Token’s value in BUSD. These loans will accrue LAND interest over time, which must be repaid along with the BUSD to receive the Asset Tokens back. As long as borrowers repay their loan before each month’s rental distribution, they will not lose any income. This allows Asset Token holders to free up capital for staking, trading, or personal use without any loss of rental income.

This feature is expected to launch Q1 2022, after the conclusion of the first tokenized asset sale.

Real Estate NFTs

Before our tokenized asset sale, we announced that each property sold would have a stylized NFT model created and distributed to each investor. These NFTs represent a unique piece of blockchain history as some of the earliest tokenized assets ever sold.

Earlier this week, we revealed that we are working on a new feature centered around these real estate NFTs. This feature will allow you to take your property investment into another world, earning yields from both the real world and the NFT with a single investment.

While this feature is still early in development, we expect to provide a more detailed update, including a release window, before the end of the year. What we can say is that this feature will make our real estate NFTs yield-generating, interactive, customizable, and tradeable.

Additional CEX Listing

In Q1 2022, we look to expand the access to Landshare Token by listing on an additional CEX. With the Gate listing under our belt, we have opened the door to listings on increasingly prominent exchanges. We will provide the community with updates on future exchange listings as soon as we have them.


With our tokenized asset feature live and the LAND Token listed on a centralized exchange, we have laid the foundations for the future of the platform. Our upcoming features are designed to build upon the foundation of asset tokenization in unique ways.

Asset Token Loans will offer additional flexibility to Asset Token holders, allowing them to borrow BUSD against the value of their investment. Asset Token Loans are the first of our Asset Token DeFi features, which are designed to bring DeFi functionality to real estate investment.

Our upcoming NFT feature will create a one-of-a-kind dual-investment concept. Each investment in a tokenized real estate asset includes an NFT model of that property which will also be yield-generating. By buying Asset Tokens, you not only gain rental yields and real estate exposure from real assets, but also passive earning potential from your NFT.

We look forward to bringing these new features to you as soon as they are ready. We will provide continuous updates to the community throughout the development process. We look forward to hearing your feedback — we are always listening! If you haven’t already, join our Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.




Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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