Landshare Development Update — March 16, 2022

Refining Our Messaging

To clarify each of our platform functions, we will be refining our messaging to help exemplify the differences between Tokenized Assets and the LAND token as well as show the strengths of Tokenized Assets beyond just “owning real estate on the blockchain”. What do we mean when we talk about refining our messaging— particularly with regards to Tokenized Assets? To put it simply, we will be expanding our messaging beyond just owning real estate on the blockchain to include Asset Tokens as a superior alternative to USD-backed stablecoins.

Stablecoins vs Asset Tokens: A Deeper Dive

A typical stablecoin such as USDT is said to be “backed 1:1 by real world assets”, however many people within the crypto space fear that a run on USDT may occur and the real world assets supposedly backing their reserves will be exposed as fraudulent. This is an issue governments worldwide are investigating, but to date USDT has minted billions of $USDT without being fully audited or having their reserves verified by independent third parties.

  1. Asset Tokens generate passive income in the form of monthly rental income, property appreciation, and potentially other sources as well as the future of the platform continues to develop. Contrast this with USDT which effectively loses -7.8% APR to inflation while holding, it is a no brainer to choose the stable asset, with verifiability collateralization, that allows you to keep up with inflation, and earn additional yields on-top of it as well.
  2. Liquidation of Asset Tokens is as simple as trading any other token. Simply sell back your Asset Token to the platform, to a third-party user, or on a DEX starting Q2 2022 and instantly get your liquid cash to spend on the upcoming BNB or LAND token rally you may feel is coming.

Leveraging DeFi and Real Estate

Gaining passive income simply by holding an Asset Token collateralized by Real Estate is enticing in and of itself, but the benefits of Asset Tokens do not end there. Landshare’s vision is to enhance the returns and utilities of real estate-backed Asset Tokens with a whole suite of DeFi features, offering a clear advantage over both stablecoins and traditional real estate investments.

Upcoming Roadmap Additions

As we move forward, our primary focus is on feature development and delivery. The success of our platform ultimately be defined by delivering new and unique features. Two of the previously announced features we expect to deliver in Q2 2022 are the Loan Protocol and our first Crowdfunded House Flipping pool. More details on both features can be found in our Whitepaper.

CEX Update

To end this update to our community we will be addressing a topic that many users have been discussing and asking about as of late. That is what is the status of our roadmap’s deadlines, and specifically when, and what, CEX listing will be coming up. There are many things that the Landshare team can control within our ecosystem and developing new features. However, one thing we are unable to control is the global economic status ongoing. With fears of an imminent bear market, a potential repeat of 2017, an escalating global conflict, rising oil prices, and industry bubbles, a lot of users are hesitant to invest as we addressed in our Marketing Update post.


We are eager to bring more awareness to the benefits and strengths of Tokenized Assets and release our road mapped features diligently being developed by our team. Over time, Asset Token holders will be able to increase their APR well beyond the baseline number by properly utilizing platform features. Demonstrating the potential value of real estate backed tokens for existing investors is one of the keys to our future success.



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