Landshare Development Update — Oct 21st, 2021

Landshare is thrilled to announce official Landshare NFTs are on their way! To kick off the first ever Tokenized Asset sold on the Binance Smart Chain the Landshare team will be giving everyone who invests in the sale an exclusive NFT model of the property. This model of the property will be making its way onto BakerySwap forever documenting and representing the first ever real estate asset sale done on BSC.

Going forward users can expect NFT models of each property to be created and distributed to investors of said property. For those that would like to own a Landshare NFT but are unable to participate in a Tokenized Asset sale keep your eyes peeled for future announcements.

Property Sale Update

Our first Tokenized Asset sale has garnered a great deal of interest, and we are working diligently to begin the first ever real estate asset sale on Binance and start the distribution of the asset tokens.

We are hard at work developing our Tokenized Asset Dashboard, which will allow users to buy, sell, and track their investments easily in one location. We aim to have this feature completed by early to mid November, and the sale will begin as soon as the development is completed.

For those who have already completed KYC, please stay tuned for an announcement soon that will allow you to get a head start on acquiring your tokens before the official launch of the sale.

Vault Changes

If you are currently staking in our LAND token vault make sure to read up on the following changes!

LAND Staking V2

With our new staking vault stakers will now see rewards calculated per block compared to once per day.

  • A new Compound button to allow quick and easy staking of your rewards accrued
  • A new dynamic APY system! The new LAND Staking vault will pay out a daily reward of 1,500 LAND split among all stakers.
  • Best of all, the old fee to stake in the LAND staking vault is now gone!

Liquidity Farming

  • You can now add and farm liquidity directly on our app! Simply supply LAND-BNB liquidity to PancakeSwap and be eligible to start earning rewards!
  • With many people requesting or inquiring about if external farms will be renewed, you can now use our native app to farm your liquidity with the benefits of extra in-house security!

LAND Staking V1

  • The original LAND Staking vault will be discontinued on October 22nd. If you have funds staked in this vault please migrate them over to the new LAND Staking V2 vault to continue receiving your staking rewards.

The Landshare team is excited to announce these changes that pave the way for a prosperous future for Landshare and the LAND token! The old Landshare staking vault was great while it lasted. Sadly, it came with some issues that prevented the LAND token from scaling long term with growth of our platform. With the new staking vault and dynamic APR it allows stakers to still earn great rewards, and help with scalability as Landshare grows!

Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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