Landshare Governance Protocol

The Landshare Governance Protocol is now live at The protocol will allows users to propose and vote on changes to certain aspects of the Landshare Platform. Some examples of eligible proposals include:

  • LAND Staking APR
  • Property Vault LAND payout
  • Property Vault Collateral amount
  • Trust Fund spending
  • General platform and tokenomic changes

Your voting power is determined by the amount of LAND tokens you have staked on our platform. Each LAND staked counts as 1 vote. LAND tokens in your wallet do not count toward your vote weight.

To vote, simply choose your preferred option and sign the transaction with your wallet.

All proposals will be submitted by team members to ensure proper formatting and proposal feasibility, as well as to prevent spam.

To make a proposal, present it in the Telegram group to allow for public feedback, or send your proposal to All valid proposals will be considered and put to a vote.

When submitting your proposal, please adhere to this general format:

  • Executive Summary of Proposal
  • Details of Proposal
  • Rationale for proposal

The general governance protocol will not cover any property management decisions. A separate means of governance will be implemented for holders of tokenized assets specific to the administration of that asset. Feature requests may be restricted based on technical limitations and available development resources. Changes in APR, collateral and fee structure will be limited to a certain range of values.

Each month, a certain number of LAND tokens will be bought back based on the Property Vault capacity. These funds will be controlled by the governance protocol. Funds cannot be distributed as rewards for voters or stakers.

Examples of what the funds can be used for:

  • Token Burns
  • Budget Requests (marketing, partnerships etc.)
  • Promotional events (airdrops, raffles, etc.)
  • LP Staking

In order to make a proposal for Trust Fund spending, simply present your proposal based on the format above, and specify the number of LAND Tokens that should be allocated to your proposal.

The Trust Funds are held in a multi-sig wallet address:

Contract Address 0xC33d017d430EF6Bce02A3a4Ea1Faeea9e527FD69 | BscScan

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