Landshare Governance: Seed Round Distribution Change

The first proposal on our Governance Protocol has officially ended and the results are in!

What was being voted on

The results are as follows:

  • 11.23k LAND (71.23%) voting in favor of changing the distribution schedule
  • 4.54k LAND (28.77%) voting to retain the current distribution schedule

Among seed round participants, the results were as follows:

  • 4.99k LAND (65.65%) voted in favor of changing the distribution schedule
  • 2.61k LAND (34.35%) voted to retain the current distribution schedule

With both the overall community voting in favor, and the majority of Seed Sale participants voting in favor, the change to the distribution model will be implemented going forward:

This change will be implemented starting on September 1st when the first batch of tokens will be claimable at in the “Claim Presale Tokens” section. In order to avoid prolonging the overall token unlock timeframe, the final month of distribution will be provided in a lump sum.

We are pleased to see the amount of voting and those that voiced their opinion in our first Governance Protocol proposal. If you would like to submit a proposal for the community to be voted on please follow the details below:

How Do I Make a Proposal?

All proposals will be submitted by team members to ensure proper formatting and proposal feasibility, as well as to prevent spam.

To make a proposal, present it in the Telegram group to allow for public feedback, or send your proposal to All valid proposals will be considered and put to a vote.

When submitting your proposal, please adhere to this general format:

  • Executive Summary of Proposal
  • Details of Proposal
  • Rationale for proposal

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