Landshare NFT Ecosystem Update

Mallard Drive NFTs

Mallard Drive Rares

Mallard Drive Rare

Multiplier Increase and 25 Token Bonus

Multi-NFT Structure

Shared Facilities


Premium Upgrades

Set Bonuses

Hover over the plus icon to view set bonus information
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Steel Appliances
  • Porcelain Tile (premium upgrade)
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Jacuzzi Tub
  • Marble Countertops (premium upgrade)
  • Finished Basement
  • Pool Table (premium upgrade)


Quality-of-life Changes

Overview Screen

  • Harvesting resources and tokens
  • Applying boosts
  • Repairing properties
  • Upgrading production facilities

Quick Repair





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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain