Landshare Presale 1 Announcement

Landshare Presale 1 will officially begin on May 10th, 2021 and run until May 23rd, or until sold out. You can fill out our presale form now at to participate.

Presale 1 Details

  • Tokens for sale: 1,000,000
  • Percentage of total: 10%
  • Token Price: $0.3 USD
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB
  • Launch Price: $2.0 USD

How to Participate

Please visit and scroll down to the presale section at the bottom of the page to complete the form. If you have already filled out the presale form, there is no need to do it again.

The Landshare team will be contacting all presale participants starting May 10th. The email will contain the presale address and a document indicating how many Land Tokens you will receive and when they will unlock. A full token unlock schedule can be seen below:

After sending your BNB to the presale address, you will be placed in a queue for KYC. You must pass the KYC process before receiving the token. Upon completion of KYC, you will be whitelisted and will begin to receive your tokens after launch according to the unlock schedule.

Eligibility Information

Residents of the following countries are not permitted to participate in the presale:

United States, Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, British Virgin Islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Congo, The Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guinea, Iran, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, China, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Ukraine, Vanuatu.

About Landshare

Landshare is a blockchain based fractional real estate investment system on the Binance Smart Chain. For more information on our platform, please see our whitepaper at and our press release at Yahoo Finance. For questions, please visit our telegram group at or email us at Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on our platform.

Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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