Oct 28, 2021

4 min read

Landshare Roadmap: Q4 2021 — Q2 2022

Our updated roadmap is here! As we continue to develop our upcoming features and expand our partnerships throughout the BSC ecosystem, we wanted to provide the community with a quick summary of where we’re headed next.

November 2021

  • The first ever Tokenized Real Estate Asset sale conducted on Binance Smart Chain will go live in November. Tokenized real estate allows investors to own fractional shares of properties represented by tokens on the blockchain. Holding tokens entitles investors to the rental income generated by the properties.
  • Our Tokenized Asset Dashboard allows investors to easily KYC and buy, sell, and track Asset Tokens in one location.

Q4 2021

  • Landshare will be listing on our first Centralized Exchange (CEX) in Q4 of 2021. A Centralized Exchange will provide exposure to Landshare outside of the BSC ecosystem and without the need for a hot wallet. Users will be able to trade LAND via an order book system, allowing for buy and sell orders at specific price points.

Q1 2022

  • Landshare isn’t only planning to list on one CEX. Additional CEX Listings will take place periodically throughout all of 2022! Additional CEX listing will increase the trading volume of LAND and expose it to new investors, opening the door to increasingly prominent CEX listings in the future.
  • A fund provides exposure to a number of assets with a single investment — spreading risk between multiple assets and simplifying the decision making process. Rather than buying a number of different tokenized properties, our Asset Token Funds enable users to gain exposure and rental income from multiple properties in a single investment. More details are available on our DeFi Features Medium Article.
  • Auto-compounding for tokenized assets allows users to automatically reinvest their rental income into more Asset Tokens, increasing yields and real estate exposure over time. More details are available on our DeFi Features Medium Article.
  • Our asset token loan protocol will allow Asset Token holders to borrow BUSD against the value of their Asset Tokens, freeing liquid capital for trading without the need to sell their tokenized property investments. More information can be seen on our DeFi Features Medium article.

Q2 2022

  • Investors in the tokenized asset will not only have a stake in tangible US real estate that generates monthly rental yields and property appreciation, but also be able to earn additional LAND yields with their NFT. The NFT is the center of our upcoming feature where users will earn additional LAND via playing.
  • The idea ties into our continuing effort to bridge real estate and blockchain together. With a single investment, you can earn yields from both the real world asset and its virtual counterpart. Users will use their house NFT to generate and manage new resources, build upgrades, and earn an increasingly large LAND Staking multiplier while progressively updating their virtual properties. More details on this feature will be unveiled in a future update.
  • Landshare will open its doors to all and welcome third parties to use the Landshare platform to tokenize and sell their real estate assets! Whether you are a resort owner, Airbnb host, or an real estate investor you will be able to tokenize your assets and share them on the Landshare platform!
  • For those that are itching to take part in our house-flipping protocol — we have you covered! Crowdfunded House Flipping will allow users to invest in a house flipping project, receiving a lump sum payout upon the conclusion of the sale. Crowdfunded House Flipping will work similarly to Tokenized Assets, where your investment is represented by a token. Instead of holding tokens for rental income, house flipping tokens are cashed out at the end of the flip.


Landshare strives to offer a unique take on blockchain real estate which takes advantage of everything crypto has to offer. Our new DeFi features, such as loans and asset funds, allow investors to gain additional value from their tokenized real estate investments. Crowdfunded House Flipping offers a shorter term investment with a lump-sum payout for those looking for faster returns. Finally, we will continue to push the utility and reach of the Landshare Token, both as a payment method for real estate features and a reliable yield farming token for stakers.