Landshare Tokenized Asset NFT Utility

The first property sale on BSC is finally live! With it, users can now invest fractionally in real estate to legally own a piece of US real estate directly on the blockchain. As many of our long-term holders know, each person who participates in the real estate sale will be getting a NFT model of the property.

Many were wondering what the utility or purpose of the NFT of the property is going to be. We are pleased to let you know that during development of our Tokenized Asset feature we have dedicated a team working behind the scenes on an upcoming feature centered around the NFT model. With our property sale live and officially underway we felt it would be a good time to shed a little light on the bonus NFT you will receive if you partake in the sale.

Investors in the tokenized asset will not only have a stake in tangible US real estate that generates monthly rental yields and property appreciation, but also be able to earn additional LAND yields with their NFT. The NFT is the center of our upcoming feature where users will earn additional LAND via playing.

We don’t want to spoil too much yet. Needless to say, if you are one of the lucky ones who are able to participate in the first ever real estate asset sold on BSC, you will want to hold on to the NFT you receive as there is a lot more to come. A preview of the feature will be coming to you shortly with testing beginning shortly after. We are about to bridge tangible assets to another world in crypto.

It’s going to be a big month for Landshare, and an even bigger Q1 2022.

Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain