Landshare Update: What We’ve Done and What’s Next

It has been a busy two weeks here at Landshare! As we continue to develop our upcoming features and expand our partnerships throughout the BSC ecosystem, we wanted to provide the community with a quick summary of what we’ve done so far and where we’re headed next.


  • LAND-BNB is available on Apeswap Farms, offering an APY of 335%+ to those who contribute to the LAND-BNB liquidity pool: Farms | ApeSwap
  • GNANA Pool offers APY of 103%+ for any existing GNANA holders to stake and receive LAND rewards.
  • Received social media promotion from Apeswap, exposing our project and vision to their 139k Twitter followers.
  • Our Reddit AMA was a big success, touting the highest engagement of any Apeswap AMA to date. Five people were selected to receive a reward of $500 and we were able to connect with our community and answer some of the best questions. Did you miss our AMA? No worries! Find the archived version here:

Beefy Finance

  • Sponsored a $Banana staking pool boost as part of our ongoing work with Apeswap, putting our name at the top of Beefy’s Vault list and exposing Landshare to thousands of active daily users.


  • SuperLauncher is hosting a farm for LAND-BNB LP on Pancake Swap — earn up to 311% APR:

CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap listing

  • Banner ad campaigns are currently running on CoinGecko, keep an eye out for us!

$LAND Token Burn

Seedify HODLers Sponsored Giveaway

1inch Network

Insured by Soteria

What’s Next?

Governance Protocol

The Governance Protocol will allow LAND holders to vote on fund distribution, collateral amounts, fee structures, and have a say in the development process of future features.

The Governance Protocol will be given access to a Trust Fund, whose distribution will be controlled based on a proportional voting system. Funds can be burned, distributed to stakers, used for giveaways/marketing, or for any other purpose the community can think of.

The Governance Protocol will be released ahead of schedule, before the end of Q3 2021.

Tokenized Assets

The Landshare Team or a third-party investor will tokenize an LLC holding a single real estate asset and offer equity in the asset through the sale of the tokens on the Landshare platform. Tokens can be resold to the Landshare platform for a LAND token fee or sold directly to another approved investor for no fee, but they cannot be sold on the open market.

This feature allows third party real estate investors to sell their assets fractionally with minimal fees or hassle to a group of global investors, or homeowners to raise cash by selling equity in their home. Landshare will aid all third-party partners in the process of asset tokenization.

Crowdfunded House Flipping

Crowdfunded House Flipping will allow investors to lock funds for a 3–5 month period and earn a lump sum ROI upon completion of the flip. Investors will lock their desired BUSD amount and a proportionate LAND Token collateral which they can withdraw incrementally throughout the course of the flip. Estimated ROI is 12–15% after 3–4 months, all returned in BUSD.

Additional Partnerships

  • $LAND to be featured on additional DEX’s
  • $LAND to be listed on CEX
  • Look out for Landshare in the news! Landshare isn’t slowing down and our users can expect to see us in featured articles on some major crypto news outlets.

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