Mint USDO Stablecoin with $LAND: How To

Details Below

[STEP 1] Go to

{1} Asset Selector: Allows you to change the asset
{2} Quick Links: Takes you to buy, add liquidity, and staking sites for the selected asset
{3} Your Info: Very important information about your position and assets
{4} Stablecoin Module: Stake, Mint, and Lend! This is where the action happens. See more below.

[STEP 2] Select LAND

⚈ Need some LAND? Buy here!

[STEP 3] Stake Asset

⚈ Click “Approve” and confirm in your wallet.

[STEP 4] Mint USDO

⚈ Choose the top center tab — “Mint USDO”

[STEP 5] Add USDO + LAND to a Liquidity Pool

This is how we get more of your favorite asset!
Let’s start by adding $LAND and $USDO to the Liquidity Pool.

[STEP 6] Auto-compound LP Tokens for a High APY

Follow this link here to our partner Omni Consumer Protocols, or…
⚈ Click the “STAKE LAND-USDO LP FOR XXX% APY” button on the site.

What does that mean?

[STEP 7] Lend USDO

This is a great option for those who want to put some stable coins to work! Probably after having been active in the pools for a while, or during a bear market!


USDO is an over-collateralized multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, thereby making stocks, real estate, crypto currencies, and nearly any real world asset a viable candidate as collateral for minting it.


Landshare is bringing real estate to the Binance Smart Chain, allowing you to invest fractionally in real world assets directly on the blockchain.


OpenDAO (OPEN) is the home of the multi-collateral over-collateralized stablecoin, and we serve as a bridge for real-world assets to cross over into the growing DeFi infrastructure.



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Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain