Mint USDO Stablecoin with $LAND: How To

Stake LAND in the vaults to mint USDO → Supply USDO alongside LAND at a high native APY → Lend USDO to earn → Repay to unlock collateral. EASY!

Details Below

[STEP 1] Go to

{1} Asset Selector: Allows you to change the asset
{2} Quick Links: Takes you to buy, add liquidity, and staking sites for the selected asset
{3} Your Info: Very important information about your position and assets
{4} Stablecoin Module: Stake, Mint, and Lend! This is where the action happens. See more below.

[STEP 2] Select LAND

[STEP 3] Stake Asset

NOTE: For first time stakers, there will be TWO Metamask transactions — one to stake and another to enable collateral

[STEP 4] Mint USDO

Hey USDO Holder!

With your newly minted USDO, you can supply liquidity to various LPs to earn trade fees. Once you’re an LP, stake in the auto-compounding farms to earn more.


[STEP 5] Add USDO + LAND to a Liquidity Pool

[STEP 6] Auto-compound LP Tokens for a High APY

Your USDO and LAND LP position is now auto-compounding, earning more of itself and reinvesting itself every 24 hours!

What does that mean?

❇️ No more daily rewards harvesting
❇️ No more wonky **** coin rewards
❇️ Yes, more APY!

[STEP 7] Lend USDO






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