Direct Asset Token Trading Now Live

Asset Token holders have been asking for a way to liquidate their Asset Tokens quickly and easily in the event they need to access their capital. While our Asset Token DEX is great for instantly buying and selling shares of real estate, the price impact can often be high for larger token amounts. Our new Direct Trading feature is designed to easily remedy this issue.

Introducing our new Direct Trading feature for Asset Tokens

The new feature for our Asset Tokens will allow you to buy or sell larger token amounts at a fixed rate, avoiding the price impact of the DEX! This feature will allow users to enter the number of tokens they’d like to buy or sell via the property’s overview page. Once the team processes the request, the user will be able to perform the swap at a fixed rate, without a significant price impact.

How to use our new trading feature

Our new feature is designed to be a seamless user experience, just follow the few steps below and be able to quickly buy or sell large amounts of Asset Tokens at once.

Step 1:

Navigate to the property page that you want to buy or sell tokens for and select the “Trade Direct” option.

Step 2:

Fill out the few questions asked on the Request Form. You will want to add your email address, the number of tokens you want to buy or sell, and select what type of trade you want. Once submitted you should receive a confirmation as seen below:

Step 3:

The Landshare Team will review your request and send an offer to the email address entered. This email will detail the amount of BUSD and LAND tokens for your trade. An example of the offer can be seen below:

If you want to accept the offer you can select the “OTC Swap” option and you will be redirected to our app where you can finalize the trade. Alternatively, your trades will be available at

Note: Landshare reserves the right to reject requests. If your request is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you.

Step 4:

When redirected to our app from your email you will see all your requests that are active. Simply select the “Swap” option and you will automatically either sell or buy your Asset Tokens. If you are selling your Asset Tokens you will automatically be issued your BUSD and LAND instantly. Likewise, if you are buying Asset Tokens, you will instantly receive your new Asset Tokens once you select swap and pay the BUSD/LAND.

Note: Buying Asset Tokens via the Direct Trading feature is not currently available and will be added in a future update.

Many of our new and upcoming updates are the direct result of community feedback, so please be sure to visit our Telegram group and let us know what you’d like to see next!

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