Help provide liquidity for LAND, earn great yields, and be entered for a chance to win one of the remaining exclusive Landshare NFTs and a $50 LAND Token prize! Have at least 0.5 LAND-BNB LP staked in SuperFarm on or before September 25th and until at least October 9th to be eligible to win!

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize (5 winners):

First Prize (25 winners):

Step 1:

Head on over to

As we draw closer to the launch of our first Tokenized Asset Sale, we wanted to provide the community an update on the status of the new feature as well as some additional details on how it will function.

Our first Tokenized Asset will be announced and whitelisting will begin by the end of September, and the Security Token Offering will begin in late October or early November.

Property Sale Whitelisting

The first step in the asset purchasing process is investor whitelisting. If you participated in our Seed Round, this process should be very familiar. …

Landshare strives to offer accessible real estate investment opportunities on the blockchain. The most common model for selling assets on-chain is through tokenization.

Asset tokenization a very simple yet effective solution for blockchain real estate — it turns real world property into a liquid asset class through the use of special security tokens.

What is Asset Tokenization?

In a nutshell, a tokenized asset is any asset whose ownership is represented by a security token on the blockchain. For example, if there are 100,000 tokens for a given asset, and you hold 10,000 of them, you posses a 10% share in the value of that…

The first proposal on our Governance Protocol has officially ended and the results are in!

What was being voted on

The current model for Seed Round token distribution is one lump sum distribution each month of 10%. This proposal would change the distribution model to 1% every 3 days, effectively retaining 10% monthly while spreading out the distribution.

The results are as follows:

Among seed round participants, the results were as follows:

The Landshare Governance Protocol is now live at The protocol will allows users to propose and vote on changes to certain aspects of the Landshare Platform. Some examples of eligible proposals include:

How Do I Vote?

Your voting power is determined by the amount of LAND tokens you have staked on our platform. Each LAND staked counts as 1 vote. LAND tokens in your wallet do not count toward your vote weight.

To vote, simply choose your preferred option and sign the transaction with…

We are excited to announce that Nikhil Sethi will be joining Landshare as a Strategic Advisor!

Nikhil Sethi is a seasoned marketer with over 10+ years of experience in fintech and the blockchain space. He currently is the Director of Marketing for Morpheus Network — a blockchain-based supply chain giant and involved in projects backed by NASDAQ listed companies.

Along with his success at Morpheus Network, Nikhil has also consulted to some of the biggest Ethereum DApps, Insurance giant Bajaj Allianz General Insurance as Vertical Head, India’s biggest teleco Airtel, drove communications at India’s biggest B2B car rental company CarzOnRent…

It has been a busy two weeks here at Landshare! As we continue to develop our upcoming features and expand our partnerships throughout the BSC ecosystem, we wanted to provide the community with a quick summary of what we’ve done so far and where we’re headed next.


The Landshare platform is now live, allowing investors to earn yields based on the appreciation and rental value of assets using the Property Vault, or earn daily rewards from the LAND Token Staking feature. This article will present a quick rundown of each feature and the differences between them, and briefly touch on upcoming features.

Property Vault

The Property Vault allows investors to stake BUSD to earn rewards in both BUSD and LAND Tokens. will be hosting a LAND token presale on July 21st. This will be the final presale for Landshare before the Superlauncher IDO and token listing on August 2nd.

Sale Details

Seedify Tier System

Seedify allocates funds based on a tier system. Investors must hold $SFUND to order to receive an allocation.

Tier allocations:

We are excited to announce our IDO will take place August 2nd, 2021 at 2 PM UTC on SuperLauncher. Immediately following the conclusion of the sale, our token will be listed on ApeSwap and our platform will go live. More information on post launch features, including Liquidity Farms, will be made available as we approach our launch date.

IDO Information


Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

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