Auto Compounding LAND Vault Now Live

2 min readApr 29, 2022

One of the most requested features from our community has been an auto-compounding LAND Vault. Currently, stakers must come back each day and manually compound their LAND to optimize their returns. We are happy to announce that this will no longer be necessary — introducing the new Auto LAND Vault! Check it out here:

How it works

The Auto LAND Vault will be very familiar to users of Pancake Swap’s Auto Cake V2 Pool. Instead of manually compounding your rewards, the vault will automatically be compounded through a bounty system.

The Vault pays a bounty reward in exchange for performing the compounding on behalf of the community. The longer the vault goes without being compounded, the higher the bounty will be. Anyone can claim the bounty at any time by pressing the “Claim” button.

How to use the Auto LAND Vault

Using the Auto LAND Vault is easy — simply withdraw your tokens from the existing Staking V2 Vault and deposit them into the new Auto LAND Vault.

  1. Press the Withdraw All button in the bottom left corner of the Staking V2 Vault to remove your tokens from V2:

2. Next, switch to Auto LAND and press the Max button to populate your full token balance. Finally, press Deposit to move your tokens into the Auto LAND Vault:

Auto LAND Fee Structure

The Auto LAND Vault has two separate fees:

  • 0.1% withdraw fee if tokens are withdrawn within 72 hours
  • 2% performance fee on each compound performed

There are no deposit fees for the Auto LAND Vault, and no withdraw fee if staked for longer than 72 hours. 1.75% of performance fees are burned, while 0.25% are rewarded to bounty claimers. Please note that performance fees are factored into the APY number displayed in the vault window.

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