Follow the Flip — Part 3

5 min readNov 28, 2022

Welcome to the part three of our Follow the Flip series! With the release of our new Tokenized House Flipping feature, this series provides a behind the scenes look at our renovation methods, before and after photos, and progress towards completion.

Our new Tokenized House Flipping feature offers fractional investment opportunities in fix and flip properties directly on-chain. If you’d like to learn more about how this new feature works, be sure to check out our Feature Preview article. Unfamiliar with house flipping? Check out our Rules of House Flipping post for the basic rundown.

Our first flip is officially sold out! If you’d like to track the progress in real time, visit the offering page on the Landshare App.

About the Property

The first property we listed for our Tokenized House Flipping feature is a charming single-family home located in Rapid City, SD. This 4-bed 2-bath property offers plenty of space with a large family room, and a backyard perfect for entertaining. The central location to schools, grocery stores, and nearby parks make it the perfect home to any family or couple that wants a forever home that they can grow in to.

With a little effort, this property can be elevated from its neglected condition into a full updated, modern home. Each room will be updated from head-to-toe to make buyers feel like they are viewing a newly constructed property. Some paint, flooring, and hardware will give this property the facelift it needs to make anyone want to move in. Learn more about the property by clicking here.

Completing the Bathroom

In part one and part two of this series we took you through the renovation process of the upstairs bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. Only one room remains upstairs to renovate before heading elsewhere in the property— the bathroom.

When buyers search for potential homes to purchase two rooms get more emphasis than others: the kitchen and the bathroom. These two rooms can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers and can heavily influence their purchase. Despite this, the bathroom is often one of the most neglected rooms in a home — and this was no exception. The key issues with the bathroom included:

  • Water damage and subfloor rot
  • Cracked and failing caulking
  • Outdated vanity and light fixtures
  • Outdated wall color
  • Leaky window
Upstairs bathroom & vanity before renovations
Upstairs shower & examples of poor caulking

Restoring the bathroom

A bathroom in this shape requires a lot of work, but makes for a straightforward renovation process. Since nothing was salvageable, it only made sense to start by removing everything and starting from a clean slate. The fact that we did not have to work around anything allowed us to have much more flexibility than other rooms in the house that had features we needed to keep.

The process of gutting the bathroom

A clean slate

Now that the bathroom was stripped down to its bare bones, we just had to install everything brand new. The major updates in the bathroom included:

  • Fresh Paint
  • Energy efficient window
  • Improved ventilation
  • Bathtub & shower
  • Vanity and mirror
  • Toilet and plumbing
  • Vinyl plank flooring

Everything was removed and replaced, aside from the studs in the wall.

The workflow in the bathroom started with the window installation and wall painting. Next, we began installing the flooring that connects throughout the living room and kitchen. You’ll notice that the workflow is very similar to the workflow for the bedrooms of part two.

Fresh paint, window, and flooring in the bathroom

With those three steps now complete, we turned ourselves to the other side of the bathroom and began installing the new plumbing, bathtub and surround. The new tub and modern hardware standout, making this bathroom feel like a new construction.

The new bathtub and surround

Lastly, we installed the new toilet, vanity, and miscellaneous fixtures to finish up with the total transformation of this room.

The new toilet, vanity, mirror, and lighting

With the bathroom finished, we have finally completed the upper level of the property! Each room received a head-to-toe renovation with brand new flooring and paint that runs throughout, tying the entire space together.

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