Growing the Landshare Brand

6 min readApr 25, 2022


The Landshare platform has stood strong for 1 year since our inception back in April 2021. Over the last year we’ve accomplished many things, such as selling out 3 presales, implementing our Governance protocol, conducting the first Tokenized Real Estate offering on BSC, launching a full-fledged NFT ecosystem, and introducing many quality-of-life changes.

With the first property almost completely sold-out and having a community continuing to grow, it is clear that Landshare is here to stay. The proof of concept has shown to be successful, and the numerous imitators have followed have proven Landshare is a trailblazer in the industry.

We have seen consistent growth week to week, and month to month, slowly gaining holders and momentum solidifying the Landshare platform as a key player in the real estate industry on the blockchain. Along with this growth we’ve seen features develop and released over time. Now, it’s time for the next step and to grow the Landshare brand more aggressively than ever.

Expanding our reach

Companies have spent millions of dollars on market research to find what the average person looks for when choosing an investment. With 89% of the population wanting to own real estate, it is important to shift our brand to capitalize on this demographic. Furthermore, 67% feel that real estate investing is priced out and unobtainable. The market research data demonstrates that the Landshare platform fits a need for a large percentage of the population.

The Landshare team is serious about growing our platform and cementing us as the primary real estate DeFi solution on Binance Smart Chain and beyond. It is only a matter of time before the traditional real estate industry catches up and is integrated onto the blockchain. According to Forbes, four years from now, blockchain-integrated real estate will be implemented on a whole new level beyond payments in a digital currency. Early adopters and smart minds can see where real estate is headed, and Landshare is developing itself into that before the rest of the world catches on.

We believe it’s only a matter of time before aggregators such as Zillow and, as well as investor-driven marketplaces like Roofstock, integrate tokenized real estate solutions like Landshare into their platforms. Our ultimate goal is not only to continue our integration in the DeFi space, but also integrate with companies at the forefront of online real estate who may be looking to get into the blockchain space in the near future.

What’s Next?

What can you expect in the coming months from Landshare:

Website Overhaul

In order to continue to develop the Landshare brand and accentuate our vision and goals, the Landshare website will be receiving a brand new update. Our new website will highlight both the benefits of real estate investment as well as our unique DeFi features, such as NFTs and Loans. Since our website is the first thing new investors see, it is crucial to make the best possible first impression. By delivering our vision in a clear and concise manner with a clean and professional presentation, we will increase our conversion rates and ensure all of the benefits of our technology are immediately clear.

More Property Selections

The Landshare platform will be introducing more properties for users to invest in. As always, we will focus on properties with solid cash returns, promising appreciation prospects, consistent occupancy, and low management fees to deliver a consistent ROI to our investors. In addition, we will continue to explore new options such as commercial real estate, multiplexes, AirBNB rentals, international properties, and other options based on what makes the most sense for our investors in the current market.

Tokenized House Flips

Investing in a property long-term may not be for everyone. For those who want to be more active, we will be introducing the first ever tokenized house-flip on BSC. This will create a short term investment option with a lump sum ROI in addition to our long term options, broadening our appeal to a different type of investor.

The team has already acquired an excellent property in a rising market for the flip, and we hope to begin the offering some time this quarter. With house flips often yielding 40% ROI, the short term lump-sum returns on this investment will be unmatched. As the first project to offer this lucrative investment type on the blockchain, we continue to blaze the trail for what tokenized real estate can be.

Quality of life changes

A number of quality of life changes will be introduced to our existing features, such as:

  • Auto-compounding LAND vault — allowing investors to automatically compound LAND rewards with manually compounding, saving time and gas fees
  • Tokenized Asset auto-compounding revamp — allowing investors to view their total staked and held Asset Tokens and the number of Tokens they have accumulated in with the autocompouning feature.
  • NFT Game gas optimizations — reducing the gas costs of in-game functions by more than 50%, making the NFT ecosystem more lucrative for smaller investors.

More Partnerships

Landshare is making further efforts to gain additional partnerships to help boost the awareness of the Landshare platform. Expect to see announcements varying from extra wallet support for the Landshare App to strategic partners with some well-known projects that you may be familiar with. Each partnership is one step closer to bringing us to our ultimate goal of integrating with the biggest names in both the digital real estate and cryptocurrency industries.

Asset Loans

The Asset Token Loan Protocol will allow Asset Token holders to borrow BUSD against the value of their Asset Tokens, freeing liquid capital for trading without the need to sell their tokenized property investments. More information can be seen in our DeFi Features Medium article.

Asset Tokens DEX

Our Asset Token DEX will be a unique solution that allows investors to trade shares of real-world properties just like they are familiar with. Simply pass our KYC process on the Landshare dashboard, get your wallet whitelisted, and instantly trade tokens on our Asset Token DEX. This will give the ability to quickly liquidate your assets for when you need cash. Likewise, the asset token DEX will allow real estate investment at speeds that have never been seen before — in a matter of seconds.

Third Party Asset Listings

Third party asset listings are something the Landshare team has always been eager to introduce. In order to scale up and integrate with major real estate platforms, we will need to open our tokenization solution and allow third parties to tokenize and sell their assets through Landshare.

Third party asset listings will allow anyone to list their own real estate on the Landshare platform for sale, instantly boosting our selection and volume. Other unique features could also stem from this, such as crowd-funding ownership through “Rent-to-own” programs, but our third party listing feature is still in the planning stages. As we approach the rollout of third party asset listings we will expand upon some of the unique features it can offer.

Our new campaign is going to be bigger and more ambitious than ever before. While we continue to make steps towards the completion of our goals, what should you expect in the meantime? Increased marketing and brand awareness, new partnerships, increased social media presence, major news publications, public and shareable pitch decks, educational videos, information on the current real estate market, and more.

Closing Thoughts

Landshare was first created during a bear market and has shown its ability to sustain a bear market. Many projects that launched around the same time cannot say the same, as they have failed to adapt. The ability to pivot, evolve, and grow is crucial to success in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency industry. Creating a strong platform isn’t just about delivering a product, but providing a unique value proposition to investors.

With Landshare, our proposition is simple — real estate investment on the blockchain leveraged by unique DeFi features such as NFTs, loans, staking, and more. This creates a truly unique combination of stability through real estate and high upside through crypto-centric features.

Want to help spread the word about Landshare? Community feedback is crucial! Let us know who you’d like us to partner with, what features you’d like to see, and what changes you think would benefit our platform. Many of our new campaigns in the near future will also benefit greatly from community participation — there is no more powerful form of advertisement than word-of-mouth. Our community has, and will continue to play a huge role in our success. This is the most exciting era for Landshare, and if you aren’t excited about the future — you should be.

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