Landshare <> Boson Protocol AMA Session: Highlights and Summary

5 min readNov 19, 2023

Last Thursday, our CEO Jordan Friske sat down with Justin Banon from Boson Protocol for a thoughtful AMA session about both projects as well as the past, present, and future of RWAs. The full recording of the space is available to listen to here.

If you’re unable to catch the full AMA, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll summarize some of the biggest takeaways for the Landshare community from the session, including our strategy for healthier liquidity, multichain, the RWA Token launch window, and a look ahead to some of our plans for 2024.

Let’s dive in!

RWA Liquidity Strategy

Liquidity is a top priority for the RWA Token update, since it’s one of the biggest drawbacks to traditional real estate investment. During the AMA, Jordan highlighted our desire to provide a truly liquid form of real estate investment, where investors can buy and sell for the full value of the underlying assets.

This goal has proven difficult to achieve, with many real estate projects acting as centralized market makers, creating illiquid DEX pools, or relying on entirely off-chain solutions.

To address the problem at its core, we’ve adopted a 3-pronged strategy:

  1. On-chain valuations: Through our partnership with Chainlink, we ensure the latest property valuations are brough on-chain and available to our smart contracts.
  2. Fixed price liquidity: Users can sell a limited number of tokens at net asset value. This mechanism is designed to ensure the value of RWA Tokens on the market represents the value of the underlying assets.
  3. DEX Trading: The most important piece of the puzzle, a DEX pool creates a secondary market for tokens that allows users to buy and sell at any time.

You can read more about the liquidity model for the RWA Token here.

Multichain Strategy

Multichain is another highly discussed topic, and one of our top priorities as we move forward into next year. Throughout the session, Jordan emphasized the importance of integrating RWA Tokens to leverage DeFi capabilities currently applied to traditional tokens. This involves utilizing decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, and the necessity for multichain capabilities to actualize this vision.

Furthermore, the implementation of multichain capabilities enhances our ability to engage with new users, as part of our broader strategy to amplify the visibility, exposure, and accessibility of Landshare.

When considering new chains to expand into, the following criteria are considered primarily important:

  • Daily active users
  • Synergistic projects for partnerships and integrations
  • Low gas fees
  • Bridge and liquidity access

Based on these criteria, in addition to community feedback, we are eyeing Polygon as the first cross-chain network for Landshare.

RWA Token Launch

The RWA Token launch is the essential first step towards realizing the objectives we’ve outlined during the AMA session and in our previous updates — DeFi integrations, healthy liquidity, and efficient scaling. With the RWA Token also comes improvements to every other aspect of the ecosystem, including new LAND Token utilities, a refreshed UI/UX, additional quality of life features, and much more.

After months of work, we are wrapping up the integrations and campaigns we’ve prepared for this update and are on track for a Q4 launch. The community can expect more details on the rollout of this new feature, including the migration timeline for existing Asset Token and NFT holders, followed by a full update launch. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Feature Preview article for a deep dive on our most ambitious update yet!

Roadmap and Future Plans

To wrap up the AMA, Jordan provided some insights into the project’s future plans. We are still finalizing the roadmap for 2024 and plan to put out a detailed post toward the end of the year. In the meantime, a few of our priorities were provided during the session:

Increased Visibility and Access

With the new feature launch, there is no better time to start expanding the visibility and access to the Landshare ecosystem! These are just a few of the avenues the team is exploring:

  1. Multichain: By expanding to new chains, Landshare will expand its reach to users outside of Binance Smart Chain and enhance the exposure through 3rd party integrations.
  2. New ways to buy LAND: The Landshare Token is key to all platform features, so it’s crucial to make it as easy as possible to obtain. The team is looking at new chains, new exchanges, and card payment options to accomplish this objective.
  3. Visibility of the team: Among other initiatives, we will continue to host AMAs with new partners and also begin community-focused AMAs to address questions specifically related to the project.
  4. Highlighting platform benefits: In our effort to build an on-chain financial future and make real estate investment accessible to everyone, it’s vital to spread the word about the unique benefits of the Landshare platform.

Property Expansion

In terms of property development, we have two main goals: expansion and diversification.

To this point, the focus has been on single family rentals and house flips. In addition to a brand-new property debuting with the RWA Token, the team is currently assessing new types of property investments, including short term rentals like Airbnbs and multi-unit properties.

Continued Development

Although the RWA Token update is comprehensive, our work doesn’t stop when it goes live! We will continue to improve on our existing features, including by adding the LAND Holder tracker recently proposed by the DAO. We’ll also be focused on further streamlining the RWA investment process, including by adding the option for credit/debit card payments. And of course, we’ll be adding new features and integrations to improve the utility of both LAND and the RWA Token.

These are just a few of our priorities — you can expect a much more comprehensive update toward the end of the year!