Landshare DAO Launch: March 16th

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The Landshare team has been working tirelessly since day one to bring the worlds of real estate and DeFi together, and now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Landshare DAO!

The Landshare DAO is set to go live on March 16th and will be fully operational immediately, powered by the LAND Token as a means of governance. With the launch of the DAO, every token holder will have a voice in the decision-making process. Holders can propose changes at any time, and when the community votes to pass the proposal, it will be executed automatically through a trustless smart contract.

With Landshare DAO, high-level decisions are put in the hands of LAND holders through a decentralized governance model. The DAO gives LAND holders the ability to exercise administrative control over staking vaults, manage the DAO treasury, create customized marketing bounties, and much more.

We’re taking the next step towards decentralized governance, democratization of assets, and trustless operations. This is just the beginning of a new era for Landshare! To read more about what the Landshare DAO is, and what users will be able to do within the DAO, click here.

Migration and Grace Period

The LAND token will be migrated to a V2 contract with the launch of the DAO on March 16th. To continue earning staking rewards and participate in the Landshare DAO, all users will be required to migrate to the new token contract on this date. Learn more about why a token migration is required here.

To ensure everyone has enough time to perform the migration and not lose out on staking rewards, the V1 vaults (Auto LAND and Staking V3) will continue to produce rewards for roughly 48 hours after the migration takes place on March 16th. After which, reward generation will be shut off, but existing rewards will be available indefinitely.

The migration process is designed to be as smooth as possible. We have created a special migration page that lets you easily migrate to the V2 token in a single environment! For a full step-by-step guide, refer to our docs here.

Liquidity Jumpstart

In order to maintain a healthy liquidity pool for both our V1 and V2 token during the early days of migration, liquidity will be bootstrapped at the beginning of the migration to maintain the same price as the V1 Token.

Additionally, the LP farm for the V2 token will have its yields increased from 1,000 to 1,400 LAND per day to promote adding and migrating existing liquidity. This increase in rewards will remain active until the DAO votes to re-allocate staking rewards so take advantage while it lasts!

NFT Ecosystem

The NFT ecosystem will require a manual migration process to support the new Landshare Token contract. To perform this update, the NFT ecosystem undergo a scheduled maintenance as soon as the DAO and new token pools go live. During this time, the Landshare NFT ecosystem will be inaccessible, but no further actions are required by NFT holders.

DAO and Migration Resources

If you are new to Landshare or have questions about the DAO or token contract migration, please see below for a list of useful resources:

With Landshare DAO, the power is in your hands. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this game-changing feature!

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