Landshare DAO Now Live!

5 min readMar 16, 2023

The Landshare team is thrilled to announce the Landshare DAO is officially live!

With the Landshare DAO, high-level decisions are put in the hands of LAND holders through a decentralized governance model. The DAO gives LAND holders the ability to exercise administrative control over staking vaults, manage the DAO treasury, create customized marketing bounties, and much more.

To read more about what the Landshare DAO is, and what LAND holders will be able to do within the DAO, click here.

Landshare Token Migration

Alongside with the launch of the Landshare DAO, a token migration is required. To begin migrating your tokens please use the link located below.

NOTE: The only official migration page is Please verify the URL and do not try to migrate your tokens through any other means!

We want to make the migration process as simple and painless as possible. Our migration page will take you through the process step by step, all the way from staking your V1 tokens to staking your V2 tokens with no interruptions. Please see the guides below for each type of migration:

If your tokens are on, they will automatically be migrated, and no action is required on your part.

To read more about the migration process and receive some tips about how to optimize your token migration, please click here.

DAO Overview

The Landshare DAO can be viewed as an expansion of our existing Governance Protocol — more powerful, more autonomous, and now central to the operation of the platform. The Landshare DAO is designed to give LAND Token holders control over the Landshare ecosystem with the LAND Token as a means of governance. With the transition to a DAO model, token holders will take control of a token fund and have administrative control over staking vaults and other platform features.

On a basic level, the DAO works like this:

  1. Anyone holding at least 100 LAND can create a proposal using our prebuilt templates or by building a custom proposal from scratch.
  2. LAND holders vote on the proposals, with each LAND token staked or held counting as 1 vote.
  3. If the proposal passes, it can be executed autonomously after a short arbitration process.

For a more detailed breakdown of how the DAO works, please see our docs page here.

Default proposal options

The Landshare DAO comes with 6 default proposal templates. These templates can be accessed by visiting the DAO page and pressing the “Create” button:

Each of these proposals has a prebuilt Safesnap template and can be automatically executed after a successful vote. To read more about the default proposals, click here.

In addition to the preset proposals available on the Landshare App, anyone can create a custom proposal using Snapshot and the Safesnap plugin. Custom proposals can be created if none of the existing presets fit the criteria of your proposal.

Staking management

The Landshare DAO has direct control over the new staking vaults, with the ability to directly change vault allocations, total minting rate, and Auto LAND fees.

The Change Vault Allocation proposal allows the DAO to directly change the daily reward allocation of LAND Tokens in the staking contract. A total of 3500 LAND per day is split among three pools:

  • Burn Pool: Any allocation to the burn pool prevents those tokens from being minted. Tokens should be allocated to the burn pool if there is a desire to reduce the total staking rewards. Inversely, tokens can be removed from the burn pool to increase rewards.
  • LAND Staking: Tokens allocated to LAND Staking are distributed to those who stake LAND in both the Staking and Auto LAND pools.
  • LP Staking: Tokens allocated to LP Staking are distributed to those who stake Pancakeswap LAND-BNB LP Tokens.

Treasury Grants

Treasury grants are specific requests for funds from the Landshare DAO Treasury. Anyone can request funds for any purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Creating content including videos, Tweets, or articles
  • Third party partnerships, such as LP Farms
  • Developing features or updates to the platform

If you are a content creator, developer, or marketer and would like to contribute to the Landshare ecosystem, requesting a treasury grant is a great way to get started. For a full guide on submitting a grant request use our guide located here.

Marketing Bounties and Contests

The DAO can create LAND reward incentives for engagement and content creation using the Marketing Fund. This system is design to allow the community to incentive grassroots engagement and reward content creators, community members, or anyone that wants to help spread the word about the Landshare platform.

Marketing bounties and contests can be created by the DAO, pledging a certain amount of LAND tokens as a reward for a given task. Examples of tasks could include:

  • Writing an educational piece of content about the Landshare platform
  • Sharing prominent announcements about Landshare on Twitter
  • Creating videos about the Landshare platform or features
  • Any other idea that the DAO would like to propose!

These funds can be used in two ways: bounties and contests. Bounties are simple tasks such as posting on Twitter, Reddit, or Coinmarketcap. After a bounty goes live, anyone in the community can participate by posting proof of completion to the DAO admins.

Contests, on the other hand, are designed to reward a limited number of entries of the highest quality. In this case, the community votes for the winners after a designated submission period.

For a full guide on creating a bounty or contest you can use our guide located here.

DAO and Migration Resources

If you are new to Landshare or have questions about the DAO or token contract migration, please see below for a list of useful resources:

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