Landshare Development Update — August 23rd, 2023

5 min readAug 23, 2023

Welcome to the latest Landshare Development Update! As we gear up to unveil our most substantial update yet, we’re thrilled to share the latest developments, community campaigns, and our future priorities with you.

If you’re new to Landshare or have been away for a while, be sure to check out our RWA Tokenomics article and the RWA Token feature preview to get spun up on all the latest.

RWA Development Report

At the core of our progress is the RWA Token update, a pivotal milestone in the evolution of Landshare. Each component of the platform is undergoing revitalization to enhance the user experience.

We’re excited to announce the successful completion of the primary development phase for the update, signifying our shift into the testing and QA stage. Throughout this process, we’re collaborating both internally and with our partners to ensure seamless integration of every facet within the new system, guaranteeing a cohesive user experience.

Our primary focus is simplifying the entire RWA investment process for new users. Through meticulous internal testing, we’re gathering feedback and dedicating particular attention to the user experience. This entails precise adjustments to the app, encompassing both front and back-end systems. By eliminating potential obstacles, we’re committed to providing both new and existing users with the smoothest possible experience.

Additionally, we’re in the process of finalizing the legal requirements for the transition, ensuring a seamless shift for existing Asset Token holders. We’re also aligning our launch timeline with updates from our partners. Currently, the launch is expected for late Q3 or early Q4, and we’ll provide an exact date as soon as it becomes available.

Collaborating with Chainlink for real time valuations

The RWA Token introduces a significant enhancement by enabling the exchange of your tokens for the complete value of their underlying Real World Assets (RWAs). The value of your RWA Tokens will encompass both rental income and property value in the exchange rate:

RWA Token Value = (Total Property Value + Total Cash Reserves*) / Circulating RWA Token Supply

*cash reserves include rental income, maintenance reserves, and sale proceeds

As a result, the complete value of your investment will be represented on-chain through your RWA Tokens!

This change is made possible through our continued collaboration with Chainlink. By leveraging their cutting edge Any API service, we’ve established a method to bring real-time property valuations on-chain, securely storing them in our smart contracts. This integration makes property valuations available on demand, further closing the gap between RWAs and the blockchain.

Auto-redeem feature

Several members of the community have been asking how exactly the new value model works, so we wanted to provide some additional clarity. Unlike Asset Tokens, RWA Tokens can be sold in units as little as roughly $1 USD, meaning that you can realize as much — or as little — of your gains at any time.

If you prefer to continue to receive monthly income to your wallet automatically, you can utilize the auto-redeem feature to receive your approximate net monthly growth (rental income AND appreciation) as a stablecoin airdrop via redemption. Auto-redemption will require a simple opt-in process, similar to our existing auto-compounding feature.

If you do not elect for auto-redemption, you will still benefit from the same gains via property appreciation and the rental income. The RWA Token is designed to continually grow in value over time, so you can realize your gains by selling whenever you’re ready. With the RWA Token, you have full control over the value of your investment!

New DAO Bounty

The Landshare DAO recently passed new a bounty campaign. The campaign will run on Zealy for 30 days, and a total prize pool of 1200 LAND is up for grabs!

Top Prizes

  • 🥇1st prize: 150 LAND
  • 🥈2nd prize: 125 LAND
  • 🥉3rd prize: 100 LAND

Other prizes

  • 4th-5th prize: 75 LAND
  • 6th-10th prize: 45 LAND
  • 11th-20th prize: 25 LAND
  • 20th-30th prize: 20 LAND

The campaign will run until September 13th. After it’s concluded, the top XP earners will automatically receive rewards via airdrop!

How to participate

  1. Join our Zealy Community page at
  2. Complete the tasks to earn XP. Check back each day for new tasks.
  3. Get achieve a top 30 position in the leaderboard to earn prizes!

You can learn more about the new campaign here.

Upcoming Priorities

As we approach the launch window and beyond, we wanted to touch on some other priority items we’re focusing on both now and into the future.

Expanding awareness of the Landshare Ecosystem

Since the beginning of our Zealy campaign, we have seen a huge increase in not only the number of people engaging with Landshare on Twitter and CMC, but also a substantial growth in the number of visitors clicking links to view our website and Medium articles. Impressions on Landshare Tweets have increased over 152%, engagement rate has climbed 55%, link clicks have surged by 539%, and profile visits are up a whopping 459%.

To build on this momentum, we have onboarded additional marketing talent with experience in the tokenized real estate / RWA space. Our new additions will help expand our initiatives to not only increase exposure, but also enhance understanding of the unique benefits of Landshare.

Improving the onboarding process

Once an investor completes KYC, they will have total access to all of the features in the Landshare ecosystem. However, this also creates an extra barrier to entry that must be overcome in order to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

That is why we are focused on smoothing out the RWA onboarding process for existing LAND holders and newcomers alike. To this end, we are building easy to follow guides, incentive campaigns, decreasing the turnaround time for new KYC submissions, and exploring other initiatives to increase the number of verified users.

Other post launch priorities

As we look beyond the launch window, we will also look to deliver on the goals set out in previous updates. Some of these include:

  • Expansion of the property pool
  • Diversification into new real estate markets (short term rentals, etc.)
  • New RWA and LAND Token integrations
  • Whitelisting new jurisdictions for RWA investment
  • Continued app improvements
  • Cross chain capabilities

This list is not all inclusive, but provides a summary of some of our main areas of focus. If there is anything else you’d like to see on Landshare, don’t hesitate to provide your feedback in our Telegram community!

Closing Thoughts

The launch window for our RWA Update is rapidly approaching, and the team is working diligently behind the scenes to wrap everything up. The RWA Token update is comprehensive, so if you’re new to Landshare, be sure to check out some of our previous updates to learn more: