Landshare Development Update — December 1st, 2023

5 min readDec 2, 2023

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Landshare Development Update! In the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work building out the conclusion of our Real World Explorers campaign, culminating in the launch of the Landshare RWA Token update.

December will be a busy month for Landshare, so in this post we’ll summarize all of our ongoing events, the exclusive RWA Pioneer NFT, a presale opportunity for the RWA Token, and shed some light on the rollout process for the RWA Token update. Let’s dive in!

Real World Explorers Zealy Sprint #2

With over 2k participants, a trading volume exceeding $1 million in $LAND, and a substantial increase in DS Dashboard registrations, our first Zealy sprint was a resounding success! We want to express our gratitude for your valuable contributions, and are happy to announce that our Real World Explorers campaign will continue with a 2nd sprint.

Our second sprint starts fresh with brand new tasks and a leaderboard reset. Even if you missed out on the first competition, you’ll have an equal chance to compete for a 4,000 LAND prize pool:

  • 1st — 3rd: 750 (250 ea)
  • 4th and 5th: 300 (150 ea)
  • 6th — 10th: 500 (100 ea)
  • 11th — 25th: 750 (50 ea)
  • 26th — 50th: 625 (25 ea)
  • 51st — 100th: 500 (10 ea)
  • 101st — 215th: 575 (5 ea)

You can get started by visiting the Zealy questboard and selecting the “Sprint Quests” section.

New Quest Category

After assessing the results of our first campaign, we’ve found that our efforts are best focused on spreading the word about Landshare on X, Coinmarketcap, Medium and Binance Square. With our community eager to help out, we’ve created a new Zealy category that makes this process more organized and impactful. In this new “Shilling” section, we will be aggregating opportunities submitted by our community into one convenient location. All quests within this category will contribute to experience for the new sprint.

In the coming weeks, the Real World Explorers program will also be debuting on several other platforms, including TaskOn, QuestN, and SoQuest. In fact, we’ve just launched our first quest pack on Intract, which is now available for a 500 USDT prize pool. Stay tuned for more opportunities to earn prizes while helping spread the word about Landshare!

Real World Pioneers NFT

As a thank you to our most dedicated community members, we are proud to unveil the RWA Pioneers NFT. This exclusive NFT comes with various utilities, with the first granting access to a private round of the RWA Token STO!

The top 300 participants of Zealy Sprint #1, the overall Zealy leaderboard, and all holders of Asset Tokens are eligible to claim this NFT on Galxe at any time before December 6th at 5 pm UTC.

RWA Pioneer Presale

The RWA Pioneer NFT will grant you access to an exclusive presale for the Landshare RWA Token. This special event will allow RWA Pioneers to get access to the RWA Token 1 week early and a discounted rate! The top presale participants will also share a 4,000 LAND prize pool as part of the Real World Explorers campaign.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity, so be sure to be sure you meet the 3 requirements to participate:

Stay tuned for a full announcement in the coming days!

Asset Token and NFT Migration Process

As we prepare for the RWA Token launch and public sale, there are some important things to keep in mind for existing Asset Token and NFT holders. Although the process will largely be hands off, it’s important to take note of each step.

Phase One: Asset Token Migration

The first phase in the migration process will be converting the existing Asset Tokens into Landshare RWA Tokens. The migration will occur shortly before the public sale goes live, and the new RWA Token will automatically be dropped into the wallet currently holding your Asset Tokens.

To allow for additional fractionalization and even lower minimum investment costs, the value of each RWA Token will debut at $1 USD. Holders of existing Asset Tokens will receive RWA Tokens based on the valuations of the properties and their reserves. In short, you will receive a number of RWA Tokens equal to the USD value of your Asset Tokens rounded to the nearest whole number. More details, including a final number, will be made available to Asset Token holders in a follow up.

Please note — as part of the migration process, there will not be a December distribution for Asset Token holders. The rental income will instead enter the cash reserves and be reflected under the new RWA Token valuation model.

Phase Two: RWA Offering and Updated Platform

The next step will be the official launch of the platform update, which will include a new user interface, landing page, NFT ecosystem, and the public RWA Token offering. This will occur approximately 1 week after the start of the presale.

Around this time, holders of existing NFTs will automatically receive updated NFTs, with all upgrades included. However, your LAND rewards will not migrate, so be sure to harvest all rewards before the update! You will also need to re-stake your new RWA Tokens into the new NFT ecosystem to continue earning rewards.

Phase Three: DS Swap

The final phase of the rollout will the introduction of secondary trading options. To ensure a smooth transition, the limit for fixed price liquidity will initially be set at $500/month per user and increase over time. If you require a larger transaction, you can contact a team member directly.

Finally, we will roll out the updated DS Swap liquidity pool for RWA Tokens. This feature will enable secondary market trading with instantaneous settlement, making real estate trading as easy as swapping a token on Pancakeswap! DS Swap will be ready to go shortly after the platform update goes live, with an exact date TBD.

Closing Thoughts

We’re ending 2023 with a bang! In addition to everything covered above, keep an eye out for new events and more AMA sessions, including a community focused session before the year ends. We are also finalizing our 2024 plans, which will be shared in a major update forthcoming. For a sneak preview of what you can expect, please see our Landshare X Boson AMA summary article, which covers some of the top priorities.

As always, be sure to follow our social media channels to stay plugged in to the latest projects updates. Also be sure to join our Telegram community to share your feedback — we’re always listening!