Landshare Development Update — February 27th, 2024

7 min readFeb 27, 2024

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Development Update! It’s been a little over 2 months since we released the Landshare RWA Token, our most ambitious platform update yet. This update was the result of several months of hard work from the whole team, but we knew it only represented the first step in building the tokenized real estate ecosystem that we envision for Landshare.

After the successful launch, we immediately started thinking about what we needed to accomplish next to continue moving Landshare. As a result, we crafted 4 Core Priorities for 2024:

  • Increased accessibility & integration: Making it easier to access Landshare’s core features; providing additional value through new partnerships and listings
  • Visibility & Community Engagement: Spreading the word about Landshare; leveraging the power of our community to assist in those efforts; creating opportunities for the community to provide direct and actionable feedback
  • Feature development & app improvements: Continuing to build upon and improve our existing features; developing new features which improve the usability and utility of the LAND and LSRWA Tokens; identifying and fixing bugs
  • Property expansion & diversification: Seeking new opportunities in the real estate space; providing RWA Holders with a diversified and expanded property investment pool

Each of our 4 Core Priorities are represented in our Q1-Q2 Roadmap:

In this update, we’re putting a special spotlight on our upcoming partnerships and integrations with several amazing projects across the RWA Space. We also have a major update on one of our top initiatives to improve platform accessibility, some new DAO proposals, and a new quality-of-life update about to go live.

Finally, we have an important update for all users and traders.

Let’s dive in!

Card payments

Rapid onboarding is paramount to a deeper level of engagement with the platform, and one of the biggest hurdles to new users is funding gas tokens for a DEX swap or signing up for a new exchange account. As a result, credit card payment options have been on our radar for a very long time.

As part of our 2024 Roadmap, we’re finalizing an agreement with a trusted crypto payment processor to finally enable credit and debit card payment options for our platform! This integration will enable eligible users to purchase up to $500 in LAND directly from the website or app, eliminating one of the most common barriers for new users.

The card payment option is expected to go live next week and will initially support only the LAND Token. However, we’re also working to enable LSRWA purchases through the same process. Stay tuned!

Dark Mode

After many requests from the community and a successful DAO vote, we’ll be adding a dark mode option to the app in the coming days. To enable dark mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and move the slider to the nighttime position when the update goes live.

New DAO Proposal: Referral System

A new proposal has hit the Landshare DAO, designed to create a referral system for Landshare RWA Tokens. Here is a summary of the proposal:

Why should we implement a Referral System?

As we strive to enhance user engagement and expand our user base, it’s essential to leverage the power of referrals, because this is one of the best Marketing Tools that exist. One other Positive is, that you only pay for the Marketing when the user did the Action — in this case, he buys the $LSRWA-Token.

How exactly could that work?

Im thinking about a PPL (Pay Per Lead) Programme, where the refferer is reffering a new user to buy $LSRWA-Tokens. The referrer would then be rewarded after the reffered person held the $LSRWA Token some time (1–6 Months perhaps). This additional Time is neccessary to frontrun abuse of the System.
We could also give the referred Person a little benefit (discount, NFT, whatever) for his 1st Purchase, after he held some time, to make the System even more attractive.

How to finance?

This could be financed by a part of the normally burned Land Tokens (of every buy) for example. Instead of burning the full 10% of $LAND of a Buy, we could just burn 7,5% and the remaining 2,5% goes to the refferer as a reward.

Click here to read the full proposal and cast your vote. If passed, the team will construct a refined version of the proposal for the Quarterly DAO Vote at the end of Q1.

Upcoming Integrations

Over the past several months, we have been in discussions with dozens of amazing projects in the emerging RWA space. We always seek new opportunities to expand our product accessibility, utility, and visibility through integrations and partnerships. In this section, we’ll be covering a few of our future integrations, but as always — there’s more to come!

Chainlink CCIP

The future of markets is on the blockchain, and the future of blockchain is cross-chain. It is more important than ever to develop applications that are seamlessly interoperable across multiple blockchain networks. We envision the Landshare RWA Token as a DeFi-integrated, omni-chain asset for the tokenized future.

The first step in this process is the integration of Chainlink CCIP, a secure blockchain interoperability protocol built by Chainlink Labs. CCIP enables seamless cross-chain token transfers and allows us to craft a multi-chain ecosystem. When fully integrated, most or all features available on BSC will also be available on all other supported chains.

Once implementation is complete, CCIP will allow us to build partnerships and integrations with virtually any project across the RWA Space, improving the utility and accessibility of our core features. Integrations are one of our 4 Core Priorities for the year, and CCIP is the crucial first step to unlocking these opportunities.

Plume Network

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to all real-world assets (RWAs) that directly integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers into the chain.

We recently had a Twitter Space with Plume’s co-founder, Teddy, and have had additional discussions with the Plume Network team behind the scenes. We are excited about their vision and are planning to build on the Plume Network as part of our broader cross-chain strategy.

Plume is still in the Testnet phase, but we are looking forward to building with them all the way to the Mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this partnership soon!

IX Swap

IX Swap is an RWA platform that offers trading solutions akin to Uniswap for Real-World Assets (RWA) & Security Tokens (STO). This is precisely the type of product we feel is necessary for the development of a vibrant RWA ecosystem, so we knew IX Swap was a perfect fit.

Initially, we will be collaborating with IX Swap for Twitter Spaces and other activities to spread the word about the RWA narrative and how DeFi primitives like decentralized exchanges (DEX) can help craft a tokenized economy for the future. Later this year, we plan a full integration, including LSRWA integration into the IX Swap ecosystem. Ticker Change will be changing our token symbol from LAND to LANDSHARE and plans to take the deposit, withdrawal and trading services for Landshare (LAND) offline, including spot trading, quantitative trading, and liquidity mining on February 28, 2024, 06:00 A.M. UTC. After the renaming is completed, Landshare will be relisted with the new token symbol LANDSHARE.

This renaming is merely a change in name and does not involve any blockchain migration. users don’t need to do anything in particular. To read the full announcement post from Gate, click here.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap up this development update, we want to sincerely thank our community for their continued support and enthusiasm. The past few months have been incredibly productive, and our upcoming integrations will take us one step closer to a fully realized tokenized real estate ecosystem.

We also understand that many members are eagerly awaiting news about new exchange listings and other developments not mentioned in this post. Rest assured, we are working hard to deliver the entire roadmap in the expected time frame and will have more information to share in future updates.

Last but not least, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new community members! We’ve seen some exceptional growth in recent weeks and expect to see this trend continue as the RWA narrative continues to gain momentum. If you’re new or have been away for a while, be sure to check out our guides to learn about all the ways you can earn with Landshare’s ecosystem:

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Telegram group or other social media channels. Remember — your participation and feedback are vital to the success of Landshare!