Landshare Development Update — January 22nd, 2024

6 min readJan 22, 2024

Welcome to the latest Landshare Development Update! As we work to deliver on the goals outlined in our 2024 Roadmap, we’d like to provide a quick update on what we’re working on right now and some updates to expect in the near future.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Q1-Q2 2024 Roadmap, which covers our top priorities and expected deliverables for the first half of this year. In this update, we’ll be providing reports on a few of the roadmap items, plus announcements regarding NFT migration and upcoming Zealy campaigns.

Let’s dive in!

NFT Update

We’ll be reopening the NFT ecosystem starting Thursday, January 25th, with the full process expected to be completed within 24 hours. Once live, you’ll be able to access your existing NFTs to resume earning rewards. If you’ve purchased at least 400 RWA Tokens during the Presale or Main Sale, you’ll also have enough credits to mint the NFT for our newest property.

As part of this update, there are several new mechanics and features as well as changes that existing NFT Holders should take note of, including a new process for minting NFTs and changes to how multipliers work. We’ll cover a few major changes here, but you can always reference our documentation for further information.

Yield Multiplier Changes

The yield multiplier determines the amount of LAND Token rewards you will earn per year from staking RWA Tokens. With the new update, each active NFT you own will now contribute to a single yield multiplier.

Yield multipliers are also now applied per 50 RWA Tokens staked. For example, if you have 500 RWA Tokens staked and the combined yield multiplier for all NFTs is 15x, you will earn 150 LAND per year based on the following calculation:

Annual LAND Yield = Total Yield Multiplier * RWA Tokens Staked / 50

NFT Minting and Distribution

NFT credits are issued to users who purchase RWA Tokens and can be spent to mint NFTs or upgrade the LAND limit on existing properties. Credits are earned 1:1 from purchased RWA Tokens — for example, buying 1000 RWA Tokens will earn you 1000 NFT credits.

For every 2 NFT credits spent during the minting process, your NFT will have 1 harvestable LAND. If your NFT has over 1,000 harvestable LAND, it will be a rare NFT with a unique image and higher baseline multiplier. When minting a new NFT, a 5% LAND fee is applied in addition to the cost in NFT Credits.

To learn more about the minting process, check out our Quickstart Guide.

NFT Slots

While users can hold as many NFTs as they like, they must be active in order to contribute to the yield multiplier. NFTs can activated by being placed in slots.

By default, each user is given 2 free slots, and up to 3 additional slots can be purchased for 15 LAND each. After the migration is complete, you’ll need to activate your existing NFTs by placing them in a slot. Keep in mind, only one NFT of each type can be active at a time.

Development Report

Our primary focus from a development perspective remains cross-chain capabilities for the Landshare ecosystem. We plan to release this integration in several stages, starting with cross-chain LAND transfers and staking, followed by cross-chain integration of the rest of the platform’s features. We are prioritizing the Polygon and Ethereum networks initially, with additional chains potentially being added in the future.

While we don’t have a release window for cross-chain just yet, we’ll have a lot more to share in future posts. Stay tuned!

Landshare Bug Bounty

After our RWA Token update last month, we introduced the Landshare Bug Bounty event. This event provided a wealth of valuable feedback, bug reports, and suggestions that the development team has been hard at work addressing. As we continue to roll out the changes and fixes, we’d like to thank everyone for your thoughtful contributions and attention to detail. The team will be distributing rewards to all prize-eligible participants very soon!

Although the event has ended, we are always looking for feedback from the community. If you encounter any bugs or simply have a suggestion for how to improve the Landshare experience, please send your report to or message a member of the team.

Dark Mode

Part of our Q1-Q2 2024 roadmap, a dark mode option for the Landshare App has been a commonly requested feature and was passed via DAO proposal with an 81% vote. We are happy to announce that this feature will be enabled with an app update in the very near future.

Card Payments

Another item on our roadmap is the ability to buy LAND using a credit or debit card. This is part of our broader strategy of Accessibility and Integration, one of our 4 Core Principles for 2024.

The team is currently reaching out to several payment processors to find the best fit, and we expect to bring this feature live before the end of Q1. This integration will initially only support the LAND Token, with an RWA Token option planned for later on.

Upcoming Zealy Campaigns

Our upcoming Zealy initiatives aim to increase awareness of the Landshare Ecosystem by actively promoting it on platforms such as X, TikTok, YouTube, Coinmarketcap, and other social media.

What’s the structure?

The program is organized into 6 seasons, each lasting 1 month and consisting of 2 sprints. By completing quests from the Zealy categories “Shilling” and “Boost,” the earned XP will contribute to both the Sprint and Season leaderboards.

At the end of each sprint, rewards will be distributed as follows:

🏆 Total Rewards Pool 1000 LAND

  • Top 1–5: 125 LAND (25 each)
  • Top 6–15: 200 LAND (20 each)
  • Top 16–30: 225 LAND (15 each)
  • Top 31–50: 200 LAND (10 each)
  • Top 51–100: 250 LAND (5 each)

At the end of each season, rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • Top 1–50: 500 LAND (10 each)
  • Top 51–150: 500 LAND (5 each)

Thus, each month we will distribute 3,000 LAND — 1k for Sprint #1 Leaderboard + 1k for Sprint #2 Leaderboard + 1k for Season Leaderboard.

Note: The distribution structure is applicable for the first season but may change for subsequent seasons.

🎁 Bonus System

If you achieve a Top 5 position on the Sprint Leaderboard twice consecutively, you’ll receive a 20 USDT bonus. We plan to expand the incentive and bonus grid in the future.

How do I join?

We’ve launched the Onboarding Sprint with 1000 LAND in rewards. This sprint serves as a qualifier, and upon completion, rewards will be distributed according to this structure:

  • Top 1–30: 450 LAND (15 each)
  • Top 31–70: 400 LAND (10 each)
  • Top 71–100: 150 LAND (5 each)

Be sure to join our LS Army Discord group to stay up to get all the latest updates regarding our Zealy campaigns!

Closing Thoughts

As the team continues to chip away at roadmap milestones, we are also cooking up some brand-new events, competitions and campaigns to promote community engagement and enhance visibility. While we haven’t covered the full scope of the roadmap in this update, we’ll continue to provide more information on each objective throughout the first half of the year.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Telegram group or other social media channels. Remember — your participation and feedback are vital to the success of Landshare!