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6 min readJul 30, 2022


With the release of our newest property at 7751 Mallard Drive, we have been working on a major update for the Landshare NFT ecosystem. In addition to the NFT for the new property, we have developed a number of changes to the ecosystem, including new game mechanics, quality-of-life enhancements, and multi-NFT gameplay.

Let’s go over everything you can expect in the new update!

Mallard Drive NFTs

As always, any investor who purchases at least 5 Asset Tokens for the Mallard Drive property will receive an NFT. If you are unfamiliar with the NFT acquisition process, please check out our docs page for more information.

The new NFTs will allow you to stake your Mallard Drive asset tokens to earn additional rewards. You can expect your NFT to be sent directly to your wallet if you have already made a purchase. Future purchasers can expect the NFT within 2–3 days.

Mallard Drive Rares

There will be a total of 10 Rare NFTs for Mallard Drive, which feature a higher base multiplier and a higher LAND limit.

The first 5 rares have already been locked in from our July 5th Snapshot of the top 5 holders. If you would like confirmation on whether you made the cut, please send us a DM on Telegram and we will confirm.

Mallard Drive Rare

The remaining rares will be distributed to the first 5 investors to obtain 150 Tokens. If you already possess a Mallard NFT, then later obtain a total of 150 Tokens, your existing NFT will be upgraded to a rare.

Multiplier Increase and 25 Token Bonus

Additionally, Rare NFTs now possess a baseline multiplier of 6x LAND, up from 5.5x. By staking at least 150 Asset Tokens in a Rare NFT, the baseline multiplier is increased to 6.5x. For standard NFTs, the bonus applies at 25 Tokens, boosting them from 5x to 5.5x.

These increases apply to both North Fargo and Mallard Drive NFTs.

Multi-NFT Structure

With the addition of a second NFT, the ecosystem is being revamped to accommodate a multi-NFT structure. What does this mean? To put it simply, all NFTs will co-exist in one system, with shared resources and production facilities.

Shared Facilities

Rather than having their own individual production facilities, each NFT will share the same ones. In order to accommodate for the increased resource demands of multiple properties, the level cap of each production facility has been raised from 5 to 10.

In addition to facilities, resources are also shared between NFTs. If you have managed to accumulate excess resources over time, you will be able to get a head start on upgrading your new property! The increased resource demands will catch up quickly, however, so it’s important to scale your production accordingly.


The long awaited NFT Marketplace will finally be available in the latest update! Users can buy or sell their NFTs for LAND Tokens on the marketplace for a 5% fee.

When selling your NFT to another user, it will retain all upgrades, yield multiplier, remaining LAND tokens, and durability. Before listing your NFT property for sale, be sure to withdraw all Asset Tokens and harvest your remaining LAND first!

In addition to NFT properties, the marketplace also offers a brand-new kind of NFT item — Premium Upgrades! Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this new feature in the next section.

Premium Upgrades

Premium Upgrades are brand new yield multiplying upgrades for your property. Rather than being purchased with resources in the ecosystem, premium upgrades are individual NFT items that can be minted from the marketplace.

Premium upgrades are available on the marketplace for LAND and each add a x1.1 multiplier to your total yields. After minting the upgrade, you can install it on any property of your choice.

Please note that while premium upgrades cannot be resold individually, properties that have premium upgrades will retain them when sold.

Set Bonuses

The next new feature in the Landshare Ecosystem is Set Bonuses. A set bonus will give you an additional 1.03x multiplier when you possess each item in the set.

Hover over the plus icon to view set bonus information

The current sets are as follows:

Kitchen Set:

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Steel Appliances
  • Porcelain Tile (premium upgrade)

Bathroom Set:

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Jacuzzi Tub
  • Marble Countertops (premium upgrade)

Basement Set:

  • Finished Basement
  • Pool Table (premium upgrade)

In addition to the bonuses from each upgrade individually, completing a set offers an extra x1.03 multiplier!


Each NFT in the ecosystem contains a set amount of harvestable LAND for the life of that NFT. Currently, there is no way to replenish this, and if your NFT runs out of LAND, it is effectively dead.

With the new Reloading feature, you can purchase an NFT from another user on the marketplace and transfer the unminted LAND from that property into the new one. This means that if you have a fully upgraded property, you won’t have to start from scratch when it runs out of LAND!

Transferring LAND from one property to another incurs a 5% fee on the amount transferred. When reloading, you can top up your existing NFT beyond its original limit.

Quality-of-life Changes

New features are great, but we are also working to make managing your NFTs a hassle-free process. Let's take a look at some of the new QoL changes coming in this update:

Overview Screen

The overview screen is the new primary view for the Landshare NFT ecosystem. From the overview screen, you can perform all of your daily actions, such as:

  • Harvesting resources and tokens
  • Applying boosts
  • Repairing properties
  • Upgrading production facilities

The overview screen also provides useful information, such as your total annual yields, property map, durability for each property, and current resources.

Quick Repair

Available on the overview screen, the new quick repair feature allows you to repair all of your property with the push of a button:


Each NFT will produce its own LAND rewards, but there is no need to spend 10 Power to harvest each one individually! All available LAND rewards can be harvested for all properties with the push of a button on the overview screen.


We are thrilled to release the NFT update to our community very soon! Please stay tuned in the coming days for announcements, including launch time and migration steps. Please note the ecosystem will be down for an extended maintenance while the update is applied. Be sure to harvest all your LAND Tokens before the update goes live!

If you have any questions about how Landshare’s NFTs work, please check our documents at All of the new features will be covered in detail at this location when the update goes live.

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