Landshare Real World Explorers Campaign Overview

4 min readSep 21, 2023


Hello, Explorers!

Today marks the launch of an extensive community incentive program aimed at spreading awareness about real asset tokenization and the Landshare project. Together with you, our valued Explorers, we embark on a mission to usher in the next trillion dollars of assets onto the blockchain through the tokenization of real-world assets.

Traditional real estate investment faces financial and legal challenges, including securing a mortgage for rental properties, managing tenants, maintaining property, paying taxes, and adhering to legal compliance.

Together with you Explorers, we will break down all barriers and bring tokenization to the masses.

🌟 Program Overview

Our program is strategically crafted to engage with both social media channels and the Landshare platform, while also amplifying the Real World Asset (RWA) narrative within the web3 space. This initiative spans a duration of 2.5 months, during which you will encounter a diverse range of tasks available on the Zealy platform.

Currently, there are 11 quests at your disposal, and rest assured, we have plans to introduce more as the program unfolds. Your journey begins with these quests, each one an opportunity to earn XP. This XP will be instrumental in shaping a leaderboard that will serve as the cornerstone for our reward distribution system. So, as you complete quests, you’re not only progressing in your exploration but also positioning yourself for exciting rewards down the road. Stay engaged and watch as your XP leads you to victory!

Now, let’s delve into the details of the 4 distinct NFT types we have in store.

🟢 RWA Pioneer NFT

This NFT stands as a commemorative reward for successfully completing the Real-World Explorers program! It comes with a range of utilities, which we’ll provide more details about shortly. Please note that only participants who successfully complete all tasks will be eligible to claim this coveted NFT.

🟢 RWA Token Holders NFT

Users who participated in Landshare STO #1 & #2 and held the Asset Token at the time of the program launch have the opportunity to claim this NFT. Once you claim the NFT, you can get a +300 XP boost in the Zealy Campaign.

  1. Claim your NFT here:
  2. Then claim your +300 XP boost here:

🟢 $LAND Token Holders NFT

To all our supporters and contributors in the Landshare ecosystem, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. As a token of our appreciation, we’re pleased to offer you this NFT, providing access to an exclusive quest within our Zealy campaign. This quest will grant you a +200 XP boost, giving you an edge to ascend higher on the leaderboard.

  1. Claim your NFT here:
  2. Then claim your +200 XP boost here:

🟢 The Landlord NFT

This NFT is exclusively crafted for DeFi Influencers who share our vision and actively contribute to ushering in the next trillion dollars of assets onto the blockchain through education, advocacy, and development related to real-world asset tokenization.

By owning this prestigious NFT, you gain access to a distinguished category of quests within our Zealy campaign. Please note that only individuals personally contacted and arranged by the Landshare team can claim this NFT.

💰 Rewards Pool

Within our program, a substantial allocation of 35,000 $LAND tokens awaits distribution! Your opportunity to secure a more substantial share of this total reward pool hinges on your active participation, community engagement, and the initiative you demonstrate through quest completion.

While we don’t reveal the precise breakdown of distribution among participants, rest assured that our commitment lies in rewarding the most engaged and proactive community members. Your dedication won’t go unnoticed!

🪄 Conclusion

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we’re stepping into a world of possibilities, where the tokenization of real-world assets is set to reshape the future of finance. With each quest you complete, each engagement within our community, and every ounce of initiative you display, we move closer to our collective goal of bringing the next trillion dollars of assets onto the blockchain.

The path ahead is brimming with opportunities, challenges, and, most importantly, growth. Your dedication and enthusiasm will be the driving force behind our success. Let’s continue this adventure, hand in hand, and shape the future of real asset tokenization.

The best is yet to come! 🌟