Landshare Roadmap: Q3-Q4 2024

13 min readJun 27, 2024


As we hit the halfway point of 2024, we’d like to express gratitude to the community members who work tirelessly to aid in the growth and expansion of Landshare. With your help, we delivered 3 new CEX listings, card payment options, a secondary market listing for LSRWA, and many new partnerships in the first half of the year, all serving to grow our presence within the RWA space.

Now, as we look ahead, we seek to build on what we’ve done in the first half of the year. Q3–Q4 will place a great emphasis on the expansion of our property selection, the addition of new exchanges for both LAND and LSRWA, some insight into our marketing strategy, and the continued growth of our cross-chain capabilities.

In this article, we’ll be recapping our achievements the first half of the year, reiterating our core priorities, and providing a detailed roadmap for the second half of 2024 in how we plan to meet those objectives.

Q1-Q2 Recap

New CEX Listings

In the first 6 months of 2024, we added 3 additional exchanges for the LAND Token — MEXC, Bitmart, and BingX. This was made possible in large part due to the effort of our community, who passed the CEX Listing Fund proposal in the Landshare DAO. As a result, we’ve seen more trading volume, more token holders, and a massive uptick in the accessibility of the Landshare ecosystem.

We plan to continue this process in the second half of the year. The listing fund will continue to provide us the ability to add new exchanges, expanding access to our real estate ecosystem. Keep reading to learn more!

DS Swap Listing & LSRWA-USDT Pool

Liquidity is one of the key gaps in the RWA space. We’ve come a long way in filling this gap by introducing a LSRWA-USDT to DS Swap, a decentralized exchange focused on security tokens.

With this listing, trading real estate via LSRWA becomes instantaneous, autonomous, and decentralized. The addition of our LSRWA-USDT LP Pool, which offers additional rewards for LP providers, has led to 1000% growth in the amount of liquidity available for trading. Higher liquidity means lower slippage and smoother transactions.

We aren’t stopping there. Over time, we’ll continue expanding the availability and depth of liquidity for LSRWA, including on other networks. We’ll be covering this process in more detail later on in the article.

Landshare Ambassador Program & KoLs

A strong and engaged community is crucial to generate visibility and activity. In Q2, we launched the Landshare Ambassador Program, an initiative designed to empower community members to become vocal advocates for our groundbreaking platform.

In the most recent season, we generated 500k+ total boosted coverage on X as a result of the tireless work of our ambassadors. We’ve also engaged with over 30 KoLs on X, Binance Square and Coinmarketcap, collectively generating millions of impressions over the first half of the year.

In Q3-Q4, we’ll continue to improve our ambassador program to ensure maximum participation and effective use of our most engaged community members.


As the final item on our Q1-Q2 roadmap, we’re excited to announce that LAND will be available on Polygon and Arbitrum very soon! To celebrate, we’ll be rolling out our cross-chain capabilities with an introductory event to promote using the bridge and the token burn feature.

When our initial rollout phase is concluded, users will be able to transfer LAND Token to the Arbitrum and Polygon and stake tokens directly from those networks without having to interact with BNB or BSC Chain. Our goal is to make property investment accessible to everyone, regardless of investment size, chain, or country. This is a big step towards mass adoption.

Throughout the year, the Landshare App will continue to add cross chain support for various features, starting with cross chain token transfers alongside the kickoff of our upcoming event, followed by cross chain staking capabilities arriving near its conclusion. In our Q3-Q4 roadmap, we’ll outline our plans to add additional multi-chain support, including for the Landshare RWA Token.

Stay tuned for more details about our cross-chain rollout event coming very soon!

Q3-Q4 2024 Roadmap

In our previous roadmap, we outlined our 4 Core Priorities for 2024, each of which will guide our decisions throughout the year. Our roadmap is built as an extension of these priorities, with each item serving to advance one or more of them.

  • Increased accessibility & integration: Making it easier to access Landshare’s core features; providing additional value through new partnerships and listings
  • Visibility & Community Engagement: Spreading the word about Landshare; leveraging the power of our community to assist in those efforts; creating opportunities for the community to provide direct and actionable feedback
  • Feature development & app improvements: Continuing to build upon and improve our existing features; developing new features which improve the usability and utility of the LAND and LSRWA Tokens
  • Property expansion & diversification: Seeking new opportunities in the real estate space, providing RWA Holders with a diversified and expanded property pool

Q3-Q4 Deliverables

  • Landshare Tokenization Hub (3rd Party Tokenization)
  • Loan Protocol
  • Landshare Referral Program
  • Improved KYC Options
  • LSRWA Card Payments
  • NFT Marketplace Expansion

Ongoing Priorities

  • New properties
  • More property types (short term rental, AirBNB, multiunit etc)
  • More NFTs
  • Additional CEX Listings
  • Cross-chain expansion
  • Partnerships and integerations
  • Community events, townhalls, and KoL collaborations

Our development will continue to pump out updates and improvements for the Landshare App throughout Q3-Q4. Among the top priorities will be the Tokenization Hub, a portal on the Landshare website to facilitate 3rd party tokenization and property expansion, and the Loan Protocol, which will enable borrow/lend capabilities.

Tokenization Hub

The Tokenization Hub will establish an On-Chain B2B solution for property owners, giving them access to Landshare’s existing base of real estate investors while simultaneously providing LSRWA holders new investment opportunities and a diversified property pool. This feature will facilitate 3rd party tokenization and be the primary mechanism for onboarding new properties to the Landshare platform.

The Tokenization Hub will provide a central location for property owners to explore our on-chain solutions, with tools and guidelines to help them determine the best fit for them. When they’ve identified their preferred methods, they will be able to submit their properties for review to the Landshare team. Upon approval, the assets will be added to the Landshare RWA Pool, and LSRWA investors will begin receiving income from them.

In short, the Tokenization Hub is designed to give property owners access to our existing base of investors and provide flexible and tailored solutions to fit their needs. We’ve created a comprehensive article covering the Tokenization Hub and 3rd Party Tokenization, you can check it out here.

Loan Protocol

A feature that harkens back to the early days of Landshare, we’ve always envisioned the ability to borrow stablecoins against tokenized real estate. As a key DeFi primitive, borrow/lend capabilities remain a crucial component of our vision for on-chain real estate.

In H2, we plan to launch a brand new borrow/lend pool for LSRWA. Alongside our DEX listings, this integration will solidify LSRWA as the most flexible and DeFi-compatible real estate backed asset on the blockchain.

On lending protocols, borrowers provide crypto assets as collateral. In this case, LSRWA will be the primary form of collateral. After providing LSRWA with the protocol, they will be able to borrow stablecoins. Loans will be over-collateralized, meaning the borrower can only borrow stablecoins up to a certain percentage of their LSRWA value.

There are many potential benefits for LSRWA holders, including unlocking liquidity against large holdings, taking on leveraged positions, boosting NFT ecosystem rewards, arbitrage trading, and much more. In summary, this integration will allow you to:

  • Borrow stablecoins against LSRWA
  • Leverage your LSRWA holdings
  • Earn consistent APY as a stablecoin lender

To learn more about DeFi lending protocols, check out this helpful article from 1inch.

NFT Marketplace Expansion

Currently, our NFT Marketplace allows users to buy and sell house NFTs for LAND Tokens. In a future update, we’ll be making several improvements to the marketplace, including the ability to trade premium upgrade NFTs, which allow you to enhance the yield multiplier of your house NFTs.

This marketplace expansion seeks to drive more utility for our existing NFTs and generate LAND Token fees from sales, improving LAND utility and driving future minting opportunities for premium upgrades.

In Q3-Q4, our accessibility efforts will be focused on improving the investing experience for newcomers and Web 2.0 users who seek to invest in LSRWA and continuing our CEX listing campaign. Additionally, our cross-chain integrations will foster growth outside of the BNB Chain.

CEX Listing Strategy

As already noted, we’ve added LAND to 3 new CEXes in the first half of the year — MEXC, Bitmart, and BingX. Powered by the CEX Listing Fund approved by the Landshare DAO, we will continue our listing campaign in Q3-Q4.

In addition to making our platform more accessible, each listing serves as a building block to future exchanges. When listing, we consider several factors, including the listing fees (USDT and LAND), trust score on Coinmarketcap, weekly visitors, daily trading volume, and overall market conditions.

Our strategy moving forward will be based on meeting the requirements for increasingly prominent exchanges. In any case, you can expect more listings in the second half of the year! If there are any CEXes you’d like to see us add, don’t hesitate to reach out in our Telegram group!

Improved KYC Options

One of the top hurdles for new users is the KYC process. We are actively working on integrating a brand-new KYC solution that will exist alongside our existing identity management system on the Landshare Dashboard.

With this new feature, users will be able to mint an NFT that contains encrypted credentials on chain, allowing them to be whitelisted in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks. This option will also allow users to onboard with an email address, automatically generating a wallet key for future use.

LSRWA Card Payments

The other major hurdle for new investors is wallet management and funding. In tandem with our new KYC method, we will be adding the ability to purchase LSRWA with a credit or debit card, once again breaking down barriers to entry for Web 2.0 users.

Cross-chain expansion

Cross-chain expansion is just another way we seek to improve the accessibility of Landshare’s features. Our cross-chain functionality will initially include staking and cross-chain transfers. Throughout the year, we’ll be expanding upon this, adding multi-chain support for various platform features and integrating our tokens with projects beyond BNB Chain. Planned integrations include new DEX pools, LSRWA on Polygon and Arbitrum, and deployment on RWA-specific blockchains.

Over time, we have discovered that the most effective way to increase visibility and engagement with the platform is through grassroots, community driven programs and insightful write-ups from Key Opinion Leaders across multiple platforms. To this end, we’re refining our initiatives designed to increase visibility and leverage the power of community.

Landshare Referral Program

As requested by the Landshare DAO, we will be rolling out a referral program for Landshare in Q3. Through this program, our most dedicated community members will be incentivized to refer new users to the platform, receiving rewards if they purchase and hold LSRWA for a given period of time. In addition, the new referral will also receive a bonus for holding, creating a mutually beneficial opportunity. Top referrers will also receive additional rewards.

Key Opinion Leaders

As many influential voices in the crypto space focus in on the RWA narrative, it’s crucial to continue our work with Key Opinion leaders across the crypto space. We are focused on creators who craft well-researched, highly informative content which clearly highlights the benefits of our platform in a way that is accessible to a wide audience.

In the first half of the year, our KoL collaborators generated millions of impressions over hundreds of posts. We believe this is one of the most effective ways to engage relevant communities and improve platform visibility. Although we’ve focused initially on X, Coinmarketcap and Binance Square, we plan to expand into video content on Youtube, TikTok, and other platforms moving forward.

Landshare Ambassador Program (LAP) Season 3

The LAP is a key component of our community engagement efforts, creating an army of motivated participants to help boost the visibility of Landshare across social media. Each participant is asked to create, boost, and share content across social media, generating hundreds of thousands of impressions each season.

Upon the conclusion of each phase, we assess the program and make changes as needed. Going forward, our key areas of focus will involve increasing participation and spreading the program to new platforms to generate more visibility for the Landshare ecosystem.

If you haven’t already jumped in, now is a great time! We’ve just concluded season 2, and we’re excited to announce that Season 3 launches on Friday, June 28. Join our community of like-minded individuals and contribute to the Landshare ecosystem for a chance to compete for a 1,000 $LAND rewards pool!

Apply here:

Cross-chain Partnerships

As part of our cross-chain expansion, we are planning several partnerships and events with projects across the RWA and DeFi space. These collaborations are designed to expand Landshare’s presence and engage audiences outside of the BNB Chain ecosystem, in addition to adding new utilities for LAND and LSRWA.

Last but certainly not least, property expansion and diversification will be among the top priorities for Landshare in Q3-Q4. With the introduction of 3rd Party Tokenization via the Tokenization Hub, we will not only be introducing new opportunities for property owners, but also expanding the selection of assets available to investors on our platform.

3rd Party Tokenization

We’ve already gone over the Tokenization Hub, which will serve as the primary portal for property owners to explore tokenization opportunities on Landshare. In this section, we’ll be covering the process of 3rd party tokenization and what it means for investors and property owners.

Rather than simply offering a marketplace to list assets for sale, we plan on pushing things further by offering tailored solutions and alternatives to TradFi for property owners through tokenization. We’ve developed a few primary examples of novel tokenization arrangements we intend to offer for property owners:

  • Partial equity: With this arrangement, property owners can tokenize and sell a portion of their asset, essentially borrowing against its value. These arrangements may or may not involve a buyback plan for the owner. Rather than taking on debt, property owners simply split the cash flow and equity of the property with LSRWA holders, making it an excellent alternative to a home equity line of credit (HELOC). This arrangement can also involve an outright sale of the asset (100% equity).
  • Renovations and flips: House flippers typically take on high-interest loans to purchase and renovate distressed properties. In many cases, they’re forced to race against the clock and cut corners to prevent interest payments from piling up. With our house flipping solution, flippers can receive investments from Landshare and split the profits with LSRWA holders, once again avoiding debt.
  • Cash flow: This arrangement would allow property owners to borrow against their future cash flow. In this situation, no equity would be transferred. Instead, LSRWA holders would continue to receive cash flow over time in an amount exceeding the initial investment.
  • Sell and Manage: Similar to the partial equity arrangement, if you’re an owner who manages your own properties, you can sell some or all of the equity while continuing to make an income managing the asset.

Putting it all together, asset providers gain access to a motivated base of investors who are already engaging with the Landshare ecosystem, while LAND and LSRWA holders benefit from a proliferation of new assets entering the ecosystem. More properties mean more LAND burns, enhanced token utility, new NFTs, and a deeper RWA pool.

To summarize, let’s outline our primary goals and expected outcomes:

  • More Properties: The Tokenizaion Hub will drive new properties to the Landshare platform by enabling third parties to tokenize their properties or cash flow.
  • New Property Types: Short term rentals, Airbnb, vacation properties, commercial, and global assets will be eligible for tokenization.
  • Tokenized Real Estate Solutions: On-chain real estate solutions designed to fit the needs of landlords, house flippers, and companies of all sizes.
  • Increased LAND Burns & Utility: Token burn rates will increase by driving more RWA volume. The growth of the ecosystem as a whole drives token utility.

Closing Thoughts

As the RWA narrative continues to captivate the crypto landscape, our sights are set on a strong finish to 2024. Although we have a lot planned for Q3-Q4, our top priorities include more properties, new CEX listings, and the introduction of our brand-new Tokenization Hub.

This roadmap serves as a launchpad for what lies ahead, and we invite you to join us at our Community Town Hall on Friday, June 28th 11 AM CST / 4 PM UTC to discuss all the details.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Telegram group or other social media channels. Remember — your participation and feedback are vital to the success of Landshare!