Landshare RWA Token: Utilities and Tokenomics

5 min readJul 24, 2023


The RWA Token is a brand-new real estate token coming soon to the Landshare ecosystem. Backed by a variety of yield generating real estate assets, the RWA Token streamlines and simplifies investment for all types of users! With easy entry, healthy liquidity, and additional utilities, the RWA Token embodies what real estate on the blockchain should look like.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the tokenomics, utilities, and inner workings of this new system. If you’re new to Landshare or would like to learn more about the RWA Token as whole, please read our Feature Preview article for all of the details.

What are the utilities of the RWA Token?

Upon launch of the RWA Token update, the Landshare ecosystem will feature two different tokens: the Landshare Token (LAND) and the Landshare RWA Token (LSRWA). Each token serves a different role in the ecosystem.

The LAND Token is the platform governance and utility token, serving as a means of exchange, voting, payment, and access. The RWA Token, on the other hand, is a real estate backed security token that represents the value of RWAs. They are separate but equally important components of Landshare.

In the coming sections, we will be covering the unique utilities of the Landshare RWA Token. To learn more about the platform utility token, LAND, please click here.

Real Estate Backed

Each RWA Token represents a share of a pool of US-based real estate assets. This is made possible through tokenization, which is the process of converting real world assets (RWAs) into tokens on the blockchain. The value of each RWA Token grows proportionally with the value of underlying properties and the cash flow they produce, allowing investors to benefit by simply holding over time.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the RWA Token represents a legally binding share in the property holding company. This means that as an RWA holder, you are entitled to the same legal protections as an investor in a traditional company. This makes the RWA Token a simple and secure way to gain exposure to real estate directly on-chain.

DeFi integrations

Our goal with the RWA Token is to leverage the unique advantages of being an on-chain asset. This includes the ability to trade instantly and automatically with decentralized exchanges (DEXes), and to leverage your investment utilizing other systems, including borrow/lend protocols. In this way, the RWA Token is designed to work like any other DeFi asset.

Landshare NFTs

The existing NFT ecosystem will transition from our existing Asset Token to the new RWA Token. Landshare NFTs allow you to stake RWA Tokens and earn LAND rewards by upgrading and maintaining your virtual property. These rewards stack with what you already earn from the RWAs themselves and are a great way to boost your returns. For more information on the NFT ecosystem, see here.

An Alternative Safe Haven

The Landshare RWA Token offers something for every crypto trader, even if they aren’t interested in real estate investment. Unlike USD stablecoins, the Landshare RWA Token is transparently backed 1:1 by RWAs and can grow in value over time. The asset-backed nature of RWA Tokens means they are not subject to the wild swings commonly seen in the crypto space. In this way, RWA Tokens offer an excellent safe haven for crypto investors.

How do the Tokenomics work?

The RWA Token is designed to maintain a relative peg with the underlying real estate assets it represents. Each RWA Token represents a share of the pool of underlying properties, which also includes the rental income they produce. A simple calculation is used to determine the value of each RWA Token:

RWA Token Value = (Total Property Value + Total Cash Reserves) / Circulating RWA Token Supply

The RWA Token can be bought or sold on the Landshare platform for its underlying value based on the calculation above. This ensures adherence to the value of underlying assets and price stability in secondary markets such as DEX trading.

Now that we understand how the RWA Token’s value is determined, let’s break down each component of the calculation.

Total Property Value

The value of properties is estimated using third party data providers, which utilize real estate information such as comparable sales, property characteristics, and price trends to provide a current estimate of market value for a specific property. These providers are widely used in the real estate industry to estimate the value of properties, including by clients like

The estimated values of each property are added together and automatically brought on-chain via Chainlink Any API and Chainlink Automation. This allows our smart contracts to store the latest price of the properties at all times.

Total Cash Reserves

In addition to property values, the RWA Token will benefit from the rental income generated by properties. Cash reserves may include USD in a bank account or stablecoins on-chain. Similar to property values, every time the cash reserves change, the updated total will be stored on-chain.

Combining total cash reserves and total property value determines the total underlying RWA in the pool, so the final step of the calculation is to determine the value of each individual token.

Circulating RWA Supply

The circulating RWA supply will include all tokens sold to investors. This total does not include unsold tokens from the offering. As tokens are sold from the offering, circulating supply will increase. Meanwhile, the proceeds enter the cash reserves, maintaining equilibrium as supply expands. In some cases, circulating supply may be reduced through redemption events.

Closing Thoughts

A real estate-backed token should look and feel just like any other token on the blockchain. We’ve designed the RWA Token with that in mind — focusing on ease of use, DeFi integration, healthy liquidity, and additional utilities.

The RWA Token will also boost the utility of our existing LAND utility token. Each token serves a complimentary function in the Landshare ecosystem, and both are equally crucial to the functioning of our platform. To read more about the interaction between LAND and the RWA Token, check out our previous Development Update.

We expect to determine a launch window very soon. In the meantime, you can look forward to upcoming events and campaigns to help get the word out about the RWA Token! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Feature Preview article for more information on the RWA Token.