Landshare Shilling Army

2 min readJan 30, 2024

In the Web3 era, every project needs an active community of like-minded individuals who contribute to the project’s growth.

In the past, we often initiated various programs to engage the community. However, we have now made significant efforts to streamline task completion and verification processes, ensuring complete transparency.

Introducing Shill Army — a long-term event designed to enhance visibility within the entire Landshare ecosystem.

⚡️ What’s Included?

Let’s start from the top and understand the key structure of our program. The program spans 6 months with seasons (overall leaderboards) lasting one month each, encompassing all quests published on our Zealy platform. At the end of each season, the leaderboard resets, rewards are distributed, and the cycle begins again.

🏆 The distribution structure is as follows:

  • Top 1–50: 500 LAND (10 tokens each)
  • Top 51–150: 500 LAND (5 tokens each)

Each season comprises two 2-week sprints. The Sprint Leaderboard includes quests from the Shill + Boost categories, excluding the Creative + KOLs categories. At the end of each sprint, results are tallied, rewards are distributed, and the next sprint begins.

🏆 The distribution structure is as follows:

  • Top 1–5: 125 LAND (x25 tokens each)
  • Top 6–15: 200 LAND (x20 tokens each)
  • Top 16–30: 225 LAND (x15 tokens each)
  • Top 31–50: 200 LAND (x10 tokens each)
  • Top 51–100: 250 LAND (x5 tokens each)

As we progress from sprint to sprint and season to season, we’ll maintain a competitive and intriguing environment, allowing more users to showcase their skills. Rewards will be distributed three times a month (sprint 1 + sprint 2 + season 1), totaling 3000 LAND tokens.

💚 Who’s Eligible?

Sprint #1 is exclusive to the Top 177 from the Onboarding Sprint completed the previous week. Participants have already received special Discord roles and are familiarizing themselves with our server structure.

To participate in further sprints, fill out the Google Form. Registration for Sprint #2 is open and tentatively scheduled to start on February 16th.

Apply now:

  1. Join our Discord Server
  2. Fill out the Google Form

You’ll need to wait for the end of the sprint and the start of the new one to get involved. Note that priority is given to verified shillers with experience and well-curated social accounts featuring unique content.

📃 Conclusion

The event launch marks a significant milestone for the Landshare Community, and we’re thrilled to finally announce it. This article provides general information about our event, so join our Discord for a deeper dive.

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