New Bounties Available — April 1st, 2023

3 min readMar 31, 2023

The Landshare DAO has passed its first two bounty proposals! Both of these bounties will run during the month of April and pay out a total of 525 LAND in prizes:

  • Bounty #1: Landshare Video Contest (175 LAND total prize pool)
  • Bounty #2: Twitter retweet competition (350 LAND total prize pool)

Bounties are open to participation from anyone and pay out LAND Token rewards from the DAO Treasury. For more details on the bounty program, see here.

Landshare Video Contest 04/2023

The first bounty passed by the DAO is a video contest for Youtube and TikTok. After a 2 week submission period, the DAO will vote for the winners.

This proposal seeks to create a contest for the best Landshare related videos on Youtube or TikTok.

Total Prize pool: 175 LAND
Timeframe: 4 weeks (04/01/23–04/30/23)
1st prize: 100 LAND
2nd place: 50 LAND
3rd place: 25 LAND

In order to enter the contest, you must create and upload a new, original Youtube or TikTok video about the Landshare platform. After the 2 week submission period, the community will vote for the top 3 videos.

Review the proposal here:

How to submit your entry:

To participate in the first bounty, you will have to follow the rules laid out by the DAO above.

If you participate, you can fill out the google form for your submission here:

Submissions run from 04/01/2023–04/15/2023 per the DAO proposal. After this submission period, all eligible entries will be forwarded to the DAO where they will vote on the top winners. After voting ends on 04/30/2023, rewards will be sent to the winners from the marketing fund.

Twitter retweet competition

The other bounty passed by the DAO, also available on April 1st, is as follows:

The competition will run during the month of April (Start on the 1st of April and finish the 30th of April)

On the 1st of May one random tweet made by the oficial Landshare twitter in the month of April between the dates above will be selected for the competition, anyone who retweeted the chosen tweet will run into the draw to win one of the prizes up for grabs.

The prizes are;
1x prize of 100 Land tokens.
4x prizes of 25 Land tokens.
10x prizes of 10 Land tokens.
1x bonus prize of 50 Land tokens for most liked comment on the selected tweet. (Split if it’s a tie)

Total of 16 individual prizes with 350 Land tokens up for grabs.

The names will randomly be picked from the retweeted list of the chosen tweet in order from smallest prize to largest.

The objective of this competition is to increase the amount of activity on the landshare twitter as well as increase the reach to newer audiences
If proven to be a succes and it’s seen that the activity on the twitter during the month of April increases the competition could become a regular occurrence.

Review the proposal here:

How to participate:

Simply retweet any tweet in the month of April to be eligible! On May 1st, a random tweet will be selected and all those that retweeted it will be entered into a drawing for the prizes. For your best chance to win, retweet and comment on each Tweet from the official Landshare account during the month of April. Once the winners have been selected, a member of the Landshare team will reach out for your wallet address. After the wallet addresses have been gathered, it will be forwarded to the DAO where the prizes will be sent.

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