Follow the Flip — Part 5

9 min readJan 16, 2023

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of our Follow the Flip series! With the release of our new Tokenized House Flipping feature, this series provides a behind the scenes look at our renovation methods, before and after photos, and progress towards completion.

Our new Tokenized House Flipping feature offers fractional investment opportunities in fix and flip properties directly on-chain. If you’d like to learn more about how this new feature works, be sure to check out our Feature Preview article. Unfamiliar with house flipping? Check out our Rules of House Flipping post for the basic rundown.

Our first flip is officially sold out! If you’d like to track the progress in real time, visit the offering page on the Landshare App.

About the Property

The first property we listed for our Tokenized House Flipping feature is a charming single-family home located in Rapid City, SD. This 4-bed 2-bath property offers plenty of space with a large family room, and a backyard perfect for entertaining. The central location to schools, grocery stores, and nearby parks make it the perfect home to any family or couple that wants a forever home that they can grow in to.

With a little effort, this property can be elevated from its neglected condition into a full updated, modern home. Each room will be updated from head-to-toe to make buyers feel like they are viewing a newly constructed property. Some paint, flooring, and hardware will give this property the facelift it needs to make anyone want to move in. Learn more about the property by clicking here.

Previous Flip Progress

In parts one through four of this series we took your through the renovation process of the entire upper level and exterior of the property. The living room, kitchen, bathroom, and both bedrooms have been transformed into a modern living area to make this property’s value skyrocket. Additionally, we enhanced the property’s curb-appeal to go along with the newly renovated interior. If you would like to follow along and view how the upstairs, and exterior, of this property changed you can read part one, part two, part three, and part four of the series.

The Final Areas of Focus

The lower level of the property is mostly gutted, while the upper level is almost complete. Walking between the two truly highlights how far we’ve come. The contrast between the remodeled upper half and the untouched lower half is stark and demonstrates the transformative power of a full renovation.

It is time to get the downstairs up to par with the rest of the property. Similar to the upstairs, the downstairs also consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Additionally, the downstairs also has a large family room and laundry room.

The Bedrooms

The renovation process for the downstairs bedrooms was similar to the remodel the upstairs bedrooms received. It too needed a head-to-toe renovation which consisted of new paint, windows, flooring, lighting, and drywall.

Downstairs bedroom before

Stripping the room and clearing the workspace were the first steps that we took in order to tackle these two bedrooms. Once all the clutter was cleared away, it allowed us to begin removing the old glued-on floor tile and make this room an open workspace.

The downstairs bedroom cleaned with new windows

Now that the room was stripped, it gave us the perfect blank canvas to work with. The first order of business was to install the new bedrooms windows. We installed the windows before proceeding forward in order to ensure that no debris would enter the room for when new paint and carpet was installed. Now that the windows were installed, painting on the room began.

Painting the downstairs bedroom

Finally, with the bedrooms now clean, the windows installed, and the walls painted, it was time for the final touches - installing the carpet, adding trim, and hanging new doors.

A finished downstairs bedroom

The second downstairs bedroom was a mirror of the other room and went through the same renovation process. To see the before and after pictures of the second bedroom you can view it on our app here.

The Bathroom

Although the downstairs bathroom was the smallest room in the home, the renovation and remodel might have had the biggest visual transformation of any room!

Likewise, although it was the smallest room in the home, it was potentially in the worse condition compared to any other rooms. It was a poorly lit, segmented room with broken plumbing, and rotting drywall. The before pictures simply do not do justice to how poor of a state this room was in, especially when we started clearing the room and uncovering issues below the surface.

Before pictures of downstairs bathroom

We knew that this room required a total remodel. Otherwise, regardless of how much we cleaned it up it would be sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the property. The first steps were to begin removing everything in this bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Removing everything in the bathroom to start anew

During the stripping process, we had removed the segregating wall the old shower had and rerouted plumbing in order to make this room feel bigger and help with the lighting issues it had. Additionally, a new bathroom fan, and lighting was installed in this phase before we proceeded forward. With new plumbing and electrical installed we could begin installing the new floor, shower, and waterproof drywall.

Downstairs bathroom with floor, drywall, and shower installed

Everything was started to take shape and allowed us to paint the walls and begin installing the vanity to give the room a nice, polished look.

Painted with vanity & accessories installed

Lastly, the finishing touches of installing trim, cleaning up, and installing a new door took place to truly transform this room into something almost unrecognizable from where it started.

Bathroom after

The new layout of the room coupled with new lighting fixtures, ventilation, and hardware really made this room pop. We think this is one of the most impressive before-and-afters of the entire flip!

The Family Room

Every other room in the house having been renovated made our team eager to wrap up this property. With only one room needing a total overhaul left, it was time to tackle one of the biggest rooms in the house — The family room.

The family room’s transformation was extensive and had us stripping everything down to the bare bones of the room and replace. The room had a mismatched floor coupled with old, flimsy shiplap-like walls. Walking through the updated house and finding yourself in this room made it feel like you were going back in time to the 70s.

In order to make this room consistent with the modern appeal the rest of the home possessed, we knew that these walls and floor had to go.

Family room before

During the process of removing the old surrounding walls, we also took the time to remove and install a new double-window.

Installation of a new window in the family room

With the family room now stripped down to the bones we began the cleanup process in preparation to lay new carpet and install new walls. During this time, we also gave the electrical work a touch up by replacing all the outlets.

Installing the new drywall

Wrapping the room up, painting of the new drywall was done. As painting was ongoing, the crawlspace under the stairs was cleaned up with new lighting installed as well. In order to make the crawl-space easily accessible a door was installed flush with the rest of the wall.

The windows now replaced, the walls installed, a fresh coat of paint, and new electrical made this room almost complete. All that it needed now was some new carpet and trim.

Crawlspace & renovated family room

The family room now felt like it belonged in this home and was no longer something reminiscent of the 1970s. The finishing of this room also was a major milestone for this property. Each room in this house has now received attention and received a major remodel!

What’s Left?

This series has taken you through the process of renovating the kitchen, living room, upstairs & downstairs bedrooms, upstairs & downstairs bathroom, and the family room. We hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the transformation of this home from start to finish. With all the rooms now fully renovated, this house is almost ready for the market!

Before we wrap up the first offering, our team has some final touch ups and cleaning to do throughout in order to allow this home to leave a lasting impression for the owner. If you are a Tokenized House Flip investor, you can expect an update very soon regarding token redemption!

Tokenized House Flipping is a major addition to the Landshare ecosystem, providing a lucrative short-term investment option to go along with our other offerings. House flipping has massive potential, and by being the first platform to bring it to the blockchain, we are opening it up to everyone for as little as $50.

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