Landshare Development Update — June 16, 2023

6 min readJun 16, 2023

Welcome to the latest Landshare Development Update! As we get closer to the launch of the RWA Token, we are putting an enhanced focus on polishing, testing, and finalizing our new pages and features. In this update, we’ll be providing a glimpse into some of the changes we’re working on right now.

In addition to our development report, we’ll be sharing some updates on existing properties, new DAO proposals, and insights into our plans for growth and outreach going forward. If you’ve been away for a while, be sure to check out our previous development update and the RWA Token feature preview articles to get spun up on all the latest!

RWA Development Report

As part of the RWA Token release, the Landshare App will be receiving a total overhaul — new pages, new features, and a new look. Our development and design teams have been hard at work since our last check-in, making significant progress on multiple fronts. Currently, the team is putting the final touches on the new page designs and ensuring everything is prepared for a smooth launch.

New Design Sneak Peek — RWA Portal

In our previous update, we mentioned the upcoming UI update for our app which includes a new RWA page and an enhanced user experience throughout. In this update, we are excited to provide the first look at the new RWA Portal page:

Test version only — numbers and design not final

This new addition to the Landshare App will serve as a central destination for all things related to RWA Tokens. The Portal page will allow investors to:

  • Track the value of all RWA properties in real time.
  • View detailed financial summaries on each property, as well as a collective financial summary of all properties.
  • View current and historical prices for the RWA Token.
  • Buy or sell RWA Tokens into the fixed-price liquidity pool.
  • Get the latest updates on each property, including new renovations, lease terms, and more.

Users will no longer be required to navigate to the dashboard every time they wish to purchase or sell RWA tokens. The new page will increase transparency and streamline the process of buying, selling, and researching for old and new investors alike.

Landshare App Upgrades

Alongside our RWA page, we are actively working on an overhaul of the entire app to bring visual improvements, quality-of-life upgrades, page load optimizations, and a built-in news feed to ensure every user stays up to date on all announcements.

We are introducing several new features to improve the user experience on the app. For example, on the updated vaults page, stakers will be able to easily estimate their returns using our brand-new ROI Calculator:

The new ROI Calculator in the Vaults page

Our app landing page will also receive several significant updates. Visitors will be greeted with a news feed, ensuring no one misses out on the latest updates. We also placed crucial information front and center, including price graphs for LAND and RWA Token, circulating supply, and market cap data. Finally, we’ve added an improved mobile navigation menu to ensure a smoother browsing experience. We are putting the finishing touches on the design and development of these pages, and will have much more to share very soon!

Integrations, Partnerships, and Outreach

As our RWA feature approaches completion, we are dedicated to expanding our reach and attracting more individuals and projects to join us in integrating RWA tokens into their ecosystem. To achieve this goal, we are looking to expand our business development team and place a greater emphasis on pursuing collaborations and strategic partnership opportunities, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

DeFi Integration

As one of our key objectives, DeFi integration becomes far more viable with the RWA Token. By integrating RWA tokens into DeFi products, we envision opportunities in various areas, including loan protocols, decentralized exchanges, and NFT ecosystems. These integrations will enhance the accessibility, liquidity, and functionality of RWA tokens within the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. To explore potential DeFi integrations in greater detail, please click here.

New DAO Proposals


The Landshare DAO has been busy at work passing various proposals. Previously the DAO launched bounties for a Twitter re-tweet competition, and a Landshare Video contest.

Following the success of the first Twitter re-tweet contest, the proposal has once again passed for the month of June.

How to participate:

Simply retweet any tweet in the month of June to be eligible! On July 1st, a random tweet will be selected and all those that retweeted it will be entered into a drawing for the prizes. For your best chance to win, retweet and comment on each Tweet from the official Landshare account during the month of June. Once the winners have been selected, a member of the Landshare team will reach out for your wallet address. After the wallet addresses have been gathered, it will be forwarded to the DAO where the prizes will be sent.


The DAO has seen its first grant request! The Request Grant proposal allows content creators, developers, or any other community member to request compensation for a given task. For example, a Youtuber could request compensation for creating a video, or a developer could request payment for creating a new feature. Grant requests can also be made by admins to fund partnerships or other collaborations. If the grant is approved, the funds will be sent to an escrow and cleared once the task outlined has been completed.

The grant request was submitted by Lukas with the Tokenomics DAO.

Hello, my name is Lukas, and I am a contributor to the Tokenomics DAO. As part of our Tokenomics 101 series on Substack, I am currently working on an article covering Landshare. The article will delve into the tokenomics of Landshare, providing valuable insights and analysis for our readers.

Tokenomics DAO on Substack:

In addition to the article publication on Substack, we plan to maximize the reach of this content by featuring it on Tokenomics DAO’s Twitter channel. This will enable us to engage with a wider audience and generate further interest and discussion around Landshare.

Tokenomics DAO on Twitter:

Furthermore, we aim to create a dedicated report focusing on Landshare’s tokenomics, which will be published on the Tokenomics Hub. The Tokenomics Hub serves as a central repository for in-depth reports, analysis, and educational resources related to token economics, making it an ideal platform to showcase the detailed findings of our research.

Visit the Tokenomics Hub:

To read the full proposal, and to cast your vote, please click here.

Properties, Old and New

Last but not least, we have a few updates on our existing properties as well as the newest addition to the ecosystem. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our previous development update to read more about the new property.

Located in Cleveland Heights, OH, the new acquisition has successfully passed its inspection and is now undergoing minor cosmetic updates in order to maximize the potential rental income. Once these updates are complete, it will soon be ready to hit the rental market for potential tenants. With its excellent neighborhood, we are confident that it will bring in a high cap rate and be occupied and cash producing by the launch of our RWA token feature.

Turning our attention to our existing properties, Fargo and Mallard, we are pleased to inform you that they continue to be rented out and earn income. In fact, we have just signed a lease for Mallard, ensuring a steady stream of rental income until late 2024.

As an RWA Token holder, you will benefit from property appreciation and rental income from these 3 properties as well as all future Landshare properties. If you need a refresher on how the new feature works, be sure to check out the RWA Token Feature Preview.

Closing Thoughts

The Landshare RWA Token is more than just an update to our tokenization model — it’s an upgrade to the entire Landshare ecosystem! Our focus remains on refining and finalizing new pages and features, and we are delighted to share a sneak peek into the upcoming enhancements. The RWA Portal will serve as a central hub for all RWA Token-related activities, providing real-time property value tracking, comprehensive financial summaries, and seamless token transactions.

We look forward to sharing more information about the RWA Token and other upcoming features in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on social media using the links below so you don’t miss any of the latest updates!

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